A Happy Memory….

Some moments can never escape your memory. Or. Your memory can never thwart away some moments. And. Some moments become our memory……

Magnanimous beads of some sticky potion are dripping down my body in a cool memory of a pre-winter night. Only one pale bulb is trying with all its might to vandalize the paleness of the atmosphere. Almost all the people are sleeping except thirteen….

I know I am trying my level best to scare them. And I think they also know what I am upto. One of them tries his best to assure me that I am being successful….

There is one more ‘boy’, squatting on the floor, besides me. Some gushes, through window, of outside wind try to exhibit their presence periodically. The boy stands up and starts doing something funny. I am not laughing, not because I don’t enjoy the pole dance, but I have been prohibited. And that’s why I don’t enjoy it…..

We ask them to introduce themselves in the official sense of the word. One by one they come and start. I laugh. I tell one of them to stand straight. To show some respect. And to my utter pleasure, he follows my words. They are dreaded and I am enjoying with malicious satisfaction. A hole is being filled. A hole, which was unceremoniously created by some ancient memory…..

Rather I concentrate hard, following every bit of his movements. I don’t know how it happened but a faint giggle escapes my lips. The pole dance is ordered to stop. Thirteen people start thrashing me. I know it is sane,so I say ‘sorry’. And stand up. And start doing something which is very unlike a pole dance. Words of unpleasantness start blurting out of their mouths. The train is at its full throttle. And the time is 2:30 a.m……

There are some memories which surface now and then at every impossible hour. Some times we feel it to be a bad one. An unhappy memory. Some other times we come to know that it is really a good one. A happy memory…..

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7 Responses to A Happy Memory….

  1. tanay says:

    nice work yaar…srsly…language n grammar ekdum pro hain…..thoda meri bhi samajh ke bahar tha….lekin itna samajh aa gaya ki bahut mast tha….

  2. Amit... says:

    it was nice..hope u wud share wid us those old untouchable memories….my nt be on this blog here…maybe in azad or ravindra

  3. R S says:

    thanx yaar
    I'll repeat my point
    mein tere saath bitaay hue wo pal kabhi nahi bhula paunga, my roomie

    I definitely will, my holy frnd
    we'll together march on those holy memories and discover those unforgettable moments, thus creating some more of them

  4. Vikesh says:

    Hey Rahul….That was a good recollection of an old memory….Good post! Ssshh…Ragging is banned!

    Listen, i read your blog regularly….Its just that last time i could not comment due to time shortage.

    Keep the posts coming! and Enjoy the pole dance!

  5. R S says:

    thanx vikesh

    and I know cs guys have a very hefty schedule, so no point to explain, ok

    and I have decided to make atleast 3 fuchaas to do pole dance…

  6. Murty says:

    If you're as vela as I am and those stupid British/American survey people are, you'd know pole dancing is a very good exercise and ehlps women lose weight. Don't know about weight but facchas lose much more in just one act, I'm sure!

  7. R S says:

    to yours (and mine) disappointment I am not as much as .23 % of them.

    but believe me one of the facchas had practised it before coming here.

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