The Coubertin Effect

While I dug deep holes and hibernated to deeper slumbers, the poly process carried on unconcernedly. The tickling feeling of a freezy wind carrying tinges of warm moisture tells me that Zeus has been rather biased towards Roorkee. ‘Holidays’ are on and this is for the first time that I am not in my home.

And truly, ‘I’ laments…… Abhinav Bindra has returned. Senior Bindra is planning the-farmhouse-budget assiduously. The pay commission has finally arrived. And, so, my father is also elated.

But Manmohan sir is not up-to-date. Jammu and Kashmir has taken a great toll of inflation and Advani uncle is still bragging about something like nuclear and J&K. Lord Shiva is unhappy towards Mr. Patil. Democracy……

A trifle idea makes me feel relaxed. After all, the world seems normal. Mr. Bolt is bolting and ‘Sir’ Phelps is ‘flying’. Uncle Sam is concerned. Dragons are everywhere and, you know, he is a ‘bit’ allergic towards them. Communism……

I put on my tracks and thundered to the mess. I waddled my way back to the canteen. The results are out and people are celebrating. I celebrated with them. The manager is celebrating. Again…..Democracy……

I made up my mind to come back and proffer him some of my ‘extra income’. Dr. Mush is on a run. ISI confused. Allies are normal… Dictator-demo??

And the ‘union’ furious. Dhoni bhaiya is gearing up for the revenge. One more father is happy. After all he has got three ‘bahus’. Saakashvilli is reeling under Caucasus.

‘I’ comes back and once again goes away to my balcony mate. He is still perusing Bhagwat Gita. I once again listen to the chantings and once again retreat back to my room.

After a long period of serious contemplation, I conclude that the world is normal. No danger. No emergencies. So. No need of my services. So. I go to my bed and meet Deepika. Heaven…..

P.S. I suppose ‘heaven’ has not been copyrighted, still.

P.S.S. My congrats to Abhi, Phelps and Bolt. And my father!

P.S.S.S. My apologies to Mr. Patil and well wishes to prez(?)…

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6 Responses to The Coubertin Effect

  1. Amogh says:

    U changed ur theme? I preffered ur previous theme tho. Poli is in the air man and its gonna be there for some more time.

  2. R S says:

    previous one was giving me so much trouble, you know… unauthorised…
    and true, poli(nation) is in here…..

    yippy….Dr. Mush escaped the impeachment!!

  3. Amit... says:

    It's a different style of writing, and I liked it. The best thing about your post was that it was like synopsis of all the current events happening around. But like always, I find it difficult to associate the contents of the post with the title. I thought a lot, but the fact is I don't know what coubertin effect is.

    Anyways, you are improving everyday and make sure to clear my doubts.

  4. R S says:

    You know, Dang? Even I myself does not actually know the link! It came by itself.
    But I can give you an explanation. Take it as the reflection of my mind:olympics rocks…and so Mr. Coubertin…

    and for the improvement part, I must agree that I am improving a lot…you know…now I sleep for more than 12 hours a day!!

  5. Murty says:

    Poli poli everywhere…Phelps' killer swishes were a welcome distraction…And, yeah, a black background makes it a wee bit difficult to read…

  6. R S says:

    i have increased brightness now so
    there should be no problem reading it

    and I am searching for a good definition of politics
    Post here if you have one—one succinct definition of politics which inscribes its universal appeal(it is for all!!)

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