The Three Knights


Some things are better kept secret and I love them…… just as I love……you know….

Once upon a time there were three knights…..
“It is 500.”
“No Rahul, we should follow as she said.”
“Ok then let it be 623.”
“Look there. It has come.”

Once upon a time….there were three perverts…..
“Hey, ma’am, do you know where pizza hut is?”
(Started walking hurriedly) “Sorry, I don’t.”

Once upon a time…………there were three Nomads…..
“Hey, Tanay, when are you coming?”
“Wait outside Azad. I will be there in five minutes.”

They were three: S T R….Santosh (the cool boy), Tanay aka Baali (the Rambhagt) and Rahul (the demon behind the post).

Today I am going to narrate the story of those three musketeers……

It so happened that the three knights planned (matter-of-factly they didn’t actually plan, it was one of those decisions which they had bakared over a hundred times before) a tour de’ Capital….

So, according to the ‘plan’, they reached the bus-tea at exactly 3:17 am. Engorged some maggis and omelets and started waiting for the bus. They waited. And they waited. For a palace-on-wheels. And it didn’t appear. They eventually gave up and decided to board a 100-bug (ck)s-a-seat lounge. And Hence started their journey….the tour de’ world……. It was four…….

They tried to sleep. They wanted to rest before the day begins! But could not……The palace showed them everything: from the empty markets of muzzafarnagar to the military alleyways of Meerut Cant….from the busy streets of Ghaziabad to the many under-construction cities! The trio reached I.S.B.T Kasmere Gate at 9:30 a.m.

It was morning and they were hungry, so they took refuge in one of the Ray Croc estates (McDonalds, for the concerned) near ISBT, they savored some burgers and discussed for some time. The motive was clear…they wanted to meet them…ogle them…… and talk to them. They wanted to have some fun……So they talked about Gargi…they talked about south campus…they talked about south exe…..and about D.C…. And yes, they finally came to a conclusion…..

The metro was taken and central sectariat reached. They boarded down the bus and started exploring the area. They ogled it and they talked about it. The Rashtrapati Bhawan stood in its glory, its magnanimity and its grandeur. They started walking down Rajpath. They discussed politics…… they talked about economy and the Britishers the world wars and the Jammu Kashmir……. and reached India gate. They continued and talked about the past the present and the future of the country. They reached a bus stop and stopped somewhere near Nepal and Bhutan. Bus no. 505 was boarded and the ticket was taken. The discussion did (could) not resume…………..

It was clear. The bus-conductor had probably ditched them. They were asked to board 460 from there. But KR knew something about the place. They started walking. It was 11. They continued their pilgrim. They passed through some strange market, they passed through a colony, they walked their way through narrow streets and yes, they questioned people a lot. And finally they reached there. The south extension (part 2, I suppose). It was 12. They went to a Barista. It was nice. It was the last day of Olympics and some unknown game was going on (finally I got to know that it was actually synchronized swimming). The Chinese were perhaps dominating. The waitress came. She was also a Chinese (I don’t know whether she was a Chinese or Japanese, they made her a Chinese because it suited the occasion!). The three loafers ordered Dark temptation. It was quite a refreshing time. There were some great pieces around. KS gave one of them a whooping 9.5 against KR (who thought her to be a perfect ten!) And this made them think that they should watch a movie. KT suggested writing a message in the clip-board. And the three knights decided to watch THE DARK KNIGHT (un-surprisingly neither of them had watched it before). And they wrote……………… know……………….
And let me be clear. It was the sole invention of KR.

The waitress suggested we should go to PVR Saket and should take the bus number 623…………………

It was once again clear.
“When would it come?” ”I gonna give him something, if we doesn’t reach that bloody PVR. And Rahul what do you know about Delhi?”
Those were some of the moments when KT loses his temper. They could see the Akshardham. Many unknown towns and regions passed. They had been quite clear to the conductor that they wanted to go to PVR. But their eyes were unable to see any trace of it. Finally the knights were thrown out of the bus. Some exploration and some more questioning revealed to them that it was Lakshmi Nagar. And then, they were exhausted. They started accusing Delhi, the conductors and they accused themselves…their luck….. They were hungry and thus unhappy. They were tired and thus frustrated. They knew that they would miss the 4:30 show. But then they took a newspaper. And that too The Delhi Times. It showed that they had a chance. It was 3:30 p.m. They decided……once again……

They boarded a bus (a 623). Only fruitful thing that they had done in the market of Lakshmi Nagar was to find a state bank ATM and get some money. After an hour of a nightmarish turmoil between the armpits of working class executives (!) returning to their homes, the three frustoos boarded down at Welcome and rushed forward to the metro station. The moments you aspire to be the longest tend to last a little. Ten minutes of metro ride carried them to Chandni Chowk. They started marching the holy and ancient lands of Chandni Chowk. They enquired and continued their march towards Sadar bazaar. They asked a rickshaw puller. The streets were crowded and full of ample items. He denied. They passed through an alley called Masala wali gali. Strange yet soothing aroma consisting nano particles of diverse spices made them dumb for a longer period of time. After an uneventful period of thirty minutes, they reached their destination. A particular sports-shop called ‘Metro’. In some more uneventful fifteen minutes TK bought a squash racket at a staggering discount of 35%. Then the knights devoured some Golgappas, KR being particularly merciless. The three musketeers now steered their way towards paravantha wali gali. Thanks to the local chandni chowk bus seva, they managed to eat paravanthas in time. They were awesome. The walls of the ‘restaurant’ depicted some netas clearly exhibiting its fame. It was 6 p.m. And they had to hurry….

It has been generally accepted that a good storyteller unfolds right things at the right place and correct time. But too much prevarication can lead to a decrement in the interest of the readers. So henceforth, I decide that, I will be straight forward and try to tell the story as such.
And for the length of the post…..I must ask for your pardon….the story, though at times boring, demanded at least this much of space. And it is still on!!….

So they have to hurry. The next show at Saket starts at 6:45. They run to metro station and take a ticket for Rajiv Chowk (CP for the concerned). The plan is: they will take a cab from CP and try to reach Saket in time. But it is already 6:15 and they know they would not reach Saket in time by any means. They are unhappy. They are depressed. They start feeling that entire of their day has been spoiled. The metro is on its full. They eventually come to a conclusion that they would anyway go to CP, take a nice meal at Pizza-hut and then go back to Roorkee. They whispered and listen to their mutterings attentively. They were three knights……

But someone else is listening to them. He is some messenger of God….an angel…

“Why don’t you go to some other PVR or other multiplex?”
“Sir, we want to watch The Dark Knight only.”
“OK. Then why don’t you go to Naraina. It is not much far. And dark knight should be screened there.”
“Where is Naraina?”
“You don’t know!! From where you are?”
“Then you should go to PVR near Rajouri Garden. It is just two stations after Rajiv chowk.”
“But there is not any mention of a PVR in Rajouri Garden in the Delhi Times.”
“Don’t worry. I am sure. They screen the same movie in all the PVRs. You should be able to watch the movie there.”

They were elated. They thought him to be some angel or something. He had showed them the way. They were going to watch the movie. The Dark Knight. They thought that the day had not been too bad. They were happy. The discussions started. The usual discussions. About God, about metros, about Olympics, about love and yes, about girls…..

There are girls all around. Girls! No. Chicks actually. There is always a subtle difference between being a girl and a chick. And mind you, it depends on the mindset of the particular person you talk. For the three knights they are Chicks. They are IITians. And they know what it actually (underlined) means to be one. For this part I am truly with them. Some call them Despo. Then they are. They try to control their eyes. One thing they notice. Each of them has some one beside her. A boy. No. A body guard. A man. There are few. Some groups of ‘only’ girls. But then they are not alone! The three knights are honorable men. They come out of the mall and start trundling back to the metro station. The metro station of Rajouri Garden…………

They come out of the Rajiv chowk metro station. They are now hungry. They start searching for Pizza-hut. They want to stick to their original plan! They start meandering on the lanes of Connaught Place. It is 8:00 p.m. And it is Saturday. They are walking. And so are the hundreds of other people. And there are chicks. Once again. Some of them being foreigners. They are looking for Pizza-hut…

“Hey, madam, do you know where pizza hut is?”
(Started walking hurriedly) “Sorry, I don’t.”

And hence the perversion blurted out. They laughed. For some time. Then they stopped. Suddenly. They realized something. They were never like this. This wouldn’t have happened if they had not met that ‘angel’. That rapscallion angel. They were happy in their own lives. But he came and changed everything. There is no PVR in Rajouri Garden………..

The three knights could not watch The Dark Knight. They were there. The Connaught Place. After an unceremonious visit to Rajouri Garden. And they were hungry. Desperate. In every attempt. The day had been great. Great in the usual sense. They had seen something. Something you call life. They found a Pizza-hut. It was great. Great in the unusual sense. There they found something. Something you call peace……………

P.S. And thanks. For reading such a torture for minds……….

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11 Responses to The Three Knights

  1. vIpUl says:

    hey bro! nicely written…..
    for God's sake and my good luck !!
    i think this is d 1st time i understood wat u wanted 2 say..

    honesty speakin' very nice..
    now i m sure tht i will swagger in galleries of my academic buildin'(as my bro wrote somethin' 2 my boundary limit(not a bouncer)) 2 b able 2 pretend tht i m 1 of d seniors.. its a gr88 idea 2 f**k them off..

  2. jayant says:

    hey vashishtha……………nice blog yaar…………….actually dis is the first tim…… getting what u hav written……
    it was written in a vry nice flow………..&actually i was interested 2 know abt the trip……
    so i felt really nice reading it…….keep it up……………

  3. tanay says:

    kya guru….mast likha hai yaar….
    nice style of writing…i loooooved it….picture well painted…characters well defined…language well used…..marvelous….

  4. R S says:

    tujhse phone pe hi baat karta hoon…

    nice to see that u read my blog
    and thanx….about the flow thing…
    par yaar, tu hota to aur bhi maze aate

    I looooooove you…
    I loooooove Delhi…
    I loooooooove India…

    I hope we didn't look like Despos….

    P.S. count the no. of O's

  5. Murty says:

    Gimme a 1000 pages on Delhi and I'll still not be bothered… Brought back a few memories…

  6. R S says:

    DON'T gimme a single penny and I can still continue bragging about Dilli

    and I love u, Murty
    u were sooo.. sweet on dat 'fucchaa' day

    P.S. I am know..

  7. El Diablo says:

    Fantastic man!!!!
    You're improving with time & I really envy your style of writing……
    Hope you keep up the frequency of the posts…

  8. R S says:

    and that's a bit flattering

    has anyone heard a Christopher Nolan
    envying a Sanjay Chel ????……

    I know Abhishek, about you, and about your literary conquests.

    and why aren't you writing (or rather blogging) now-a-days….
    I wait for your posts

  9. Amit... says:

    Believe me my friend, no other post of yours have impressed me as much as this one. After reading it, I can now say with assurance that you have reaped into a nice writer. Bravo !!

    And I just can't tell you how much I love Delhi. Believe me, I can't.

  10. R S says:

    you know amit
    there are some things money CAN buy and for all others, there is Dang….
    I know everyone(if he/she understands) will agree…
    and I can't tell how much I love you…..

  11. R S says:

    a confession..

    I want to dedicate this 'delhi post' to none other than..
    for he created three gems::
    1.The Dark Knight(9.2)

    you don't have the Right to live, if you haven't watched them…

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