Going way too fast??

There exists a subtle relationship between boredom and languor. Sometimes, boredom breeds languor. At others it is the other way round. As an amateur opinion of the writer, the first option seems comparatively more viable. But as it occurs, he is more prone to the other.

When one is ill, he ought to face certain problems. Like getting up early (since you must take your medicines at a certain hour of the day, that too after a compulsory breakfast.) or peeing in specially designed troughs or “having a baby” type of situation with your belly and all that similar stuff. But there is one particular advantage that makes one think that getting ill may after all be not that bad!

When one gets ill (and that too with a peeing problem), the level of attention towards him suddenly increases. Family members and friends and other relatives take huge amount of pain to let him ruminate over his problems in more comprehensive ways by presenting him various versions of various examples in correspondence to the current situation.

You get to lie around all day and do nothing. People will come to your bed and offer you all sorts of cosy stuff. You just have to twitch your ass and moan periodically just in case they don’t get suspicious.

Initially there will be self-importance, self-development, self-esteem and all that “self” stuff. Your self-consciousness sort of forces you to do your things yourself.

Physical stuff. “No. No. No. Your bones are fragile.” ”But it’s just a carrying bag. You already have enough stuff on you.” “No. No. No. We will call up a porter.”

“But I can ride a scooter and I got a licence.” ”I know. I know. But even then, your brother will carry you.” “It’s just a hair-cut. What he will do there?” “What? Wait of course.”

You don’t like it even when your mother cooks food for you.

But it’s human tendency. Right. And things do certainly change.

More physical stuff. “Can you please switch “on” my laptop charger? It’s kind of discharging.” “What? You called me down from the roof to switch “on” your laptop? Couldn’t you just stand up and do it yourself. You fat ass dumbo.” “…..Oh forget it….. Just do it once more. Pleeeez”

Am I enjoying it too much??

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