Tick Tick Tick…….

It’s been long since I wrote something of value. But, when has it ever happened before? Nevertheless, It seems incredulous as to think of the stage I happen to be in, right now. But I am not sad, as it may seem. I am not happy. Either. It’s that sort of situation when you are in the middle of an island and there is a dilapidated boat some distance off the shore. You have never swum in your life and the boat doesn’t move. But you know that it is only temporary and you can’t do anything except of course…….wait…. Life is full of ironies and it is what that makes it interesting…..

I have just finished TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE and I have still not made to my contemporary present. “contemporary”, however useless it may seem betrays a crucial notion. Because there are many “presents” to account for. I am still in a future where I meet this old woman…..a woman of eighties and call her my wife. And she knows very well that I am dead. My soul left the body in some humdrums of past when I was unceremoniously shot by his brother. Yet I am here talking to her…caressing her….soothing her……

Time is entwined with our lives in a very surreal fashion. We know (do we?) that it is relative yet it behaves absolutely. In fact we live relative to it. We see a thirty year old guy and without any tinge of uncertainty tend to assert that he must be married by now, must be having one or two kids, must be shifting his position from office to home on a daily basis…..If things are different we know that something is wrong. Tick tick tick…….tuck??

I am out of the trance. Phew……… That was narrow.

Well then, as my five seconds old past has told you, I read this wonderful novel called Time traveler’s wife a few hours ago. And it made me think about time in a radically different yet comfortable way. I also thought of marriage. And sex. I know the term can be termed as highly controversial in terms of its use by a twenty year old (Is it an irony?). So I won’t go into the details.

Go read it. You may find it….interesting….

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2 Responses to Tick Tick Tick…….

  1. Anirudh Arun says:

    It's difficult to really 'say' anything here… As emotions seem to be entwined in confused bundles out there. I haven't read the book, which makes me capable of saying even less! Nevertheless, great to see you back! And keep posting dude.

  2. R S says:

    Actually u r right. I just let my thoughts off my mind. I do it sometimes…just to empty it off…

    thanx for your encouragement

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