The Cogni Post

Note: At least go through the P’s if you don’t have the time to read the article.

Get set and go. And Whoosh…

Three scintillating days….. More than a mammoth of one hundred fifty world class events. A throng, a crowd, a carnival of 2900 plus 2500 participants. And all those unforgettable seconds of passion at its peak. Happiness, Tension, Anger, Curiosity, Ambition. A panorama of best of the emotions. One nation and the ever flattening world…And one single name bringing them to a common platform. The Inevitable, enviable, sociable…….. And the ultimate: C O G N I Z A N C E . . .

Theoretically speaking, Cognizance is one of the largest technical festivals in India but practically contemplating, it is the only one of its kind where carbon emissions are controlled and trees are sowed before they are cut. Now you may think it to be great when we say that its official website boasts of over 2,500,000 hits and is in fact one of the most visited youth sites after all. But we feel it is of lesser importance when compared to the difference that Cognizance made by supporting the noble cause of educating the young and old of weaker sections and by organizing events like Ruraisle which showcased the latest technologies to improve the quality of life of villagers.

There are many facts which can be supplied to theorize the unprecedented success of Cognizance 2009. Eminent pundits and seers have come forward with a horde of explanations explaining. But confusion still prevails. Why is it that when many of the giants were failing even to survive in the not-so-gone past of recession and economic slowdown, Cognizance flourished and managed to break all records of sponsorship and participation in the folklores of event management? May be it was the student partner program where throngs of student participants were invited with unimaginable success by our special representatives in more than 75 colleges across the nation and abroad or may be the robotics outreach program which attracted and satiated more than 2500 students from across more than 50 colleges.

But still no one can’t deny an as simple the fact. The success of any organization is directly proportional to the honesty of its work culture and the quality of its work ethics. The way any group maintains itself defines the very way it develops. “Think energy, Go green” was not only our motto, it was or rather is our way of life.

Innovation, they say, is the art of defining newer utilities. If this is so, then Cognizance can safely claim that it is the very culture of innovations. Ek soch: prakriti aur urja, Enquesta, Quizzotica, Corpostrat, Stratman, Insomnia, Illushun, Robosapiens,Chracked, Techase…..the list continues…. And there are IDEAZ where about 300 papers are invited,presented and suitably rewarded, thus contributing a significant contribution to the R&D sector of India. Spectrum and Spotlights where you are tested to the limit of rigor, fine-tuned, burnished and then awarded.

Tons of words can be scribbled out just to list the various opportunities Cogni (that’s what we call it!!) provides to the participants but the actual fact is that it holds much more importance for an organizer. Those sleepless nights: planning and devising newer and better ideas, always infused with fun, jokes, laugh, cries, burgers, pizzas, tea and whatsays….Those moments of desperation when trying to get some sponsorship and those moments of supreme satisfaction when we get some….

For some, Cognizance is not just a mere festival. It is life……

P 1: Some of the readers of this post are the actual organizers of this fantastic festival. I congratulate them all.

P2: I would specially mention the leadership qualities of our fantastic mentors ((co-)conveners) without which nothing could have been possible.

P3: Main kabhi kabhar (???) hi senti hota hoon.

P4: Mind you, this is not a publicity stunt.

P5: The reader never knows whether somebody has read his work unless they comment something. (So cheap, isn’t it?)

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6 Responses to The Cogni Post

  1. amarhindu says:

    Hey Rahul, This is a marvelous work and mainly the first part is very good written.
    Kudos!!! buddy
    May god bless you

  2. Pramoda Meduri says:

    Hey dropping in here from yamini's blog..

    This is a superb cognizance..:)
    keep it up!

  3. jayant says:

    very well written yaar…. especially the starting is fabulous …

  4. R S says:

    thank you all..

  5. Anshul says:

    Hey Rahul!
    Good description but there could have been more details of the fest.
    Nevertheless i still regret missing COGNIZANCE by a whisker.

  6. R S V says:

    Do come this time…
    It would be something much bigger and an important event in your life…
    and as far as the details are concerned I didn't want to give the full dose without u coming and enjoying the real thing. right?

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