The Indian Dream..

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Let me introduce you to someone… Someone you are already familiar with… Someone, whom you consider as one of your intimate parts…. Someone, who is actually a blueprint of what you want from yourself… In fact someone…. who rules your minds incessantly…. Let me introduce you to none other than… ME…


I am called as dream. Dreams, you know? Oh, what am I saying? I know you all know me…In fact, sometimes more than I think I know about myself…. Actually you are one of my parts. It is one of my more peculiar properties. I take on the thing which tries to possess me. In fact I metamorphose into ‘the thing’. I start speaking its mind in its language. But I am not just ‘a dream’. I have a surname too…. I am something more. Something more important….


And today I am going to tell you something about me…

I am a tea-maker. You know me very well. Don’t you? You see me everywhere. In the railway stations… screaming out “chai chai chai”….waking you up in the trains. Near a bus station….with a clean stove and perfectly hygienic patilis and cups…a thoroughly washed piece of cloth to strain the tea leaves. India is the largest producer of Tea. But it doesn’t stop me from using the same tea-leaves for a week. I am a modern Chaiwala. I recycle them to conserve them…
I have one wife, one mother, one father, two daughters, and one son. They all drink tea. They have it day and night. In fact, they don’t get Chapattis and Daal for days but they never ever fail to drink it. I am happy that they like it so much….
Now a days, I and my family sleep in a hollow pipe near a beautiful lotus garden among the holy cows, caring dogs and lovely little pigs, which, so modestly, feed on our daily morning’s offerings to them. But I envisage a flat in the famous Yamuna slum in the near future. I think that a flat, even if it is a rented one, will give my family the extra security. It is important to protect them from the Police….
India?? Oh yes, some people talk about it when they drink tea at my place. They talk about economic development and globalization and superpowers but what is my concern to all this nonsense? I have a family to feed….

I am a farmer. People call me Annadaataa…I give food to India. I myself don’t get it though. But that is a different matter altogether. I have a large field near the city. I mainly grow roasted wheat, monsoon paddy, sawana grass, canes of sugar and green pulpy tomatoes. There is a factory nearby which provides me with mineral water for irrigation…
I have a small family of five. One wife and three daughters. Actually we had two sons too. But they died of loose motions, even after the kind compounder of the government hospital tried his best to save them. The doctor, he said, was busy in fighting a divorce case against his second wife, who alleged that he gave more time to his private nursing home than her cute little puppy. Nevertheless I gifted my two cows to him because he also helped me to get rid of their bodies. The compounder has really been a true friend of mine….
I had one more friend but he left us some days ago. He was a farmer like me. He used to pay regularly visits to the local Lala. He got hundred rupees notes from him. I envied him for that. But he was a man of self-esteem. He would send his eldest daughter to his big haveli in return, every night, to help his pregnant wife. The Lala considered her as his own daughter. He is a great man. He never likes the idea of dividing people into rich or poor. He hates such inequality so much so that he would let a poor farmer’s daughter to sleep in his own air conditioned bedroom….
But perhaps, the daughter could not acclimatize herself to the AC’s cold air, caught sinus and died in a few days. Rest of her family also got infected and they also left their cows to the kind compounder in that rainy summer….
I see a bright future for my country in the near future. I hope that someone would buy my fields and build huge buildings on them. I hope to get a nice job in the city. Perhaps I would start my own business…. Tea-making…yes…my younger brother is making a lot of money there. I ardently believe that the government should not waste the mineral water of factories on so unworthy things as agriculture. They should convert all the villages into big metros. I know we won’t get wheat and rice this way but then, there are the cute little pigs to follow. We won’t die of hunger. Foreign countries prepare a lot of SHIT which would be enough for all of us…..

I am a politician. I make the policies for our country. I am a respected man in the society. I am a newsmaker. What I speak becomes a news item. What I do becomes the next morning’s headline. I have the ability of tweet cattle and make my own statues. I have committed my entire life in the service of common man. I drive in my own private air conditioned car to reach the common mass during elections and even wear their garland full of wilted and shabby flowers. I wear the khadi even if I don’t look smart in it. But these things, even if important, don’t matter to me. I am a real social worker…
I am in love with my country. I want to make it a superpower. I am working hard for it. I have stopped taking bribes in-kind. I prefer cash. I think this would increase the liquidity and decrease the unnecessary CRR.
I give ample opportunities to young generation to efficiently utilize their energy by making them participate in those HINDU-MUSLIM “I am your brother” games…. which my revered ancestors invented for the benefit of society. Such games also help in maintaining a control over the blooming population. Am I clever, eh??…..

I am a student. I am an ardent fan of APJ. I want to make India a superpower. But before that I want to stand on my own legs. For this I am working very hard. I will go to America for my further studies, study what they had done to become to the superpower, come back and implement those strategies for the betterment of my country. One day I would become a politician. I would work for those countless farmers and those laborers who die every day out of ignorance, poverty and by the hands of rich people who torture them beyond the limits of their strength…
I want to make my country corruption free. I want to teach its people that there is no use fighting in the name of caste and creed. I want to tell them that India can be a superpower only by taking some very simple steps. But I want to warn them nevertheless. Time is running out. Problems tend to become complex if not checked in time.

There are problems everywhere. The point is to work at the base. We should remember that even if beautiful, the building will one day crumble down if its base is weak. We all want to work for the GREATER GOOD. But we tend to forget that the GREATER GOOD consists of many SMALLER GOODS. We all want to see our country as the SUPERPOWER. It is THE INDIAN DREAM. Sometimes superpower seems to be an amazingly huge word but we should understand that achieving it is not that much difficult. We don’t need to work very hard. All we need is, is to bring about some simple changes in us. Being honest to ourselves and constantly asking us whether what we are doing is right is sufficient…

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5 Responses to The Indian Dream..

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  2. NeubLayetty says:

    A lot of of people blog about this issue but you wrote down really true words.

  3. ajay pal says:

    nice one man, erudite but yet not over-bearing, do have a look at my entry too

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