Also, it felt good…(a dark incident)

Its one already… Shit. He is just so…just so…. I want him now. Now… I can’t wait any longer…

“Beta, can I have my water bottle.” Mmm… that is indeed a great idea. One sec!! Are his parents asleep? Let me see. Mmm… his mother is so ho….But still, he is better. And safer….

“Which station passed, son? ….Oh, shit. I am so sorry. Let me do it for you.”

The uncle started pulling my shirt off. He started caressing my chest. Nipples….They started tightening up… I said I will do it myself and pushed him away. I stood up. Cold gushes from the running window stroke my bare chest. I decided not to wake my mummy. I took out my bag and rummaged a new shirt from there. I tied the wet shirt to the window sills. I cursed myself for wishing and crying for the lower berth from the uncle. He has(d) been nice. He offered the berth at once. He also ruffled my hair and gave me a chocolate…..

Shit man. Shit…..OK.OK… One more try. Right. Go for a direct attack this time. This seven year BOY is a real meaty stuff. My uncle also gave me a second chance……

I couldn’t sleep then.Yes.. Eyes, wide open. I waited for the morning to occur. But..but..what was that? What was going on there? There was somebody’s hand in my pants. Inside my underwear…over…..What? Should I cry?…should I wake all up…
I at once knew it was the same uncle. “What are you doing uncle?” He didn’t say anything… Just kept on…doing the thing….
I decided to keep mum. What would have my parents said if they had ever found it out? …No… the uncle could have harmed them….
Also, it felt good….

The victim does not remain a JUST victim always…sadly…..


1. Past indeed is past. And present..present.
2. Protagonist does not change. Only his viewpoint…
3. This post is inspired by Sid, Shilpa Sharma, Suga and Shilpa Garg and various other posts on the same topic.
4. I am sorry, if I mistakenly did hurt anyone’s feelings.
5. Also see the newly entered WALL OF FAME and suggest me some more good posts.
6. Do read my previous post also and tell me how’s it like.
7. Seven is my favorite number.

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85 Responses to Also, it felt good…(a dark incident)

  1. evanescentthoughts says:

    "I am going away for some days" 😦 we are gonna miss your posts!!! good one dude

  2. evanescentthoughts says:

    And thanks so much for mentioning my post there 😀 thank you thank you

  3. Sid 'Ravan' Kabe says:

    oh.. that is bad… really really bad. We should kill that uncle…damm!!!!

  4. Thousif Raza says:

    inspiring and observing, and very insightful, nice write up yaar really

    i hope you got my previous comments cause i couldnt find it in the earlier posts….

    and be back soon ok, will miss ya :), happy diwali have tons of fun

    take care and keep writing……….

  5. RSV says:

    "I am going away" doesn't mean I won't read your posts…I keep my internet pod with meself..

  6. RSV says:

    again @Avada(I missed ur second comment)
    well..its my honour actually…:)
    keep writing such wonderful stuff..

  7. RSV says:

    I am happy that you got my point Sid..

  8. RSV says:

    I am happy that you found it insightful..
    happy diwali buddy.

  9. Shilpa says:

    Well I would still call the child a victim, because he doesn't know that its wrong.

    What did you mean by 'past is past,and present, present'? I did not get this point,may be i did not read it the way it was supposed to be read?:(

    Are you taking a break from blogging? :O


  10. RSV says:

    'past is past,and present, present'…
    read the other point as well
    'Protagonist does not change. Only his viewpoint…'

    in my story,BOTH THE 'UNCLE' AND THE 'CHILD' ARE SAME….the child is his past and the uncle his present…

    history tends to repeat itself…

  11. RSV says:

    @again Shilpa..
    yes I am taking a break….from today evening…

  12. Shilpa says:

    OK I got it now.When i read it for the first time, I thought may be they are same but then i thought no they are not.{I am so dumb today:(, excuse me for that }

    Thanks for explaining…

  13. mAhEsH KaLaAL says:

    It is full of Objectivism….
    and nothing is left to say….
    Gud post….

  14. RSV says:

    why do call yourself dumb?
    believe me, your blog suggests otherwise….

  15. RSV says:

    what should I say buddy…
    the matter is so intense I myself am speechless..
    anyways thanks for understanding me..

  16. Saad Shaikh says:

    good post.. 🙂

    ultimately its all about perception.. 😐

    interesting yaar.. I had never imagined history repeating itself in this context..

  17. RSV says:

    yep, its all about perception…
    not all people can't think positive all the times…
    the boy only felt that it was a good feeling..

  18. R. Ramesh says:

    thanks buddy

  19. oRange* says:

    oh shit! such people dont deserve to live, seriously!

    well written btw ..

  20. Shilpa Garg says:

    A very poignant expression Rahul. Kind of gave me goosebumps!
    You have shared a no. of striking things here…
    1. "The victim does not remain a JUST victim always…sadly"… Truly a sad turn of events!
    2."Past indeed is past. And present..present"…a harsh reality too!!

    Good one!!

  21. Ekam says:

    I just want to give a tight slap to that 'uncle' and kill him at this point after reading your post:X

  22. Vipul Grover says:

    The victim does not remain a JUST victim always…sadly…..
    Is this line connected to the line Also, it felt good…. or to the time travel??
    If its the first, I appreciate you making this point, noone has made till now in their stories.
    Though, Shilpa is right to say tht a child should still b considered as a victim because he/she doesnt know about wats happening (though he/she might enjoy it at times), bt sumtimes the culprit him/herself might b just an elder brother/sister, a child him/herself.
    And yeah about time travel, frankly, i missed it this time (thought its the same instant), only realised on reading ur reply above.

  23. RSV says:

    say cheez!!

  24. RSV says:

    welcome to my blog..
    yep they are worse than monsters, to say the least..

  25. RSV says:

    @Shilpa Garg
    thank you ma'am
    I am happy that I could raise my point well…

  26. RSV says:

    "I just want to give a tight slap"
    honestly speaking Ekam, I am reading this comment of yours in my cellphone and I initially saw just the first part of your sentence….I thought you want to SLAP me….

  27. RSV says:

    @Vipul Grover
    the line is connected to The title of the post….
    if we give a thought we can definitely assert that both the things: 'converting from a victim to a culprit' and 'feeling good about the thing' occur at the same time…its about perception.. but its a pity that not all people take the right toad…
    and sir, please, I never said that the child was not victim. It is just a matter of toughness of mind..

  28. Shruti says:

    Rahul, missed this post somehow! I couldn't swallow a bit! after reading this! But i must say, u made a daring attempt by writing this post!!
    Rahul, you made ur point so good!!

  29. Anirudh Arun says:

    Nice post man! Liked the concept…

  30. Aditya says:

    Yeah, its what the child chooses which changes things-does he chose the positive or the negative! … But the main culprit here would be the first uncle who instilled such thoughs on a young mind 😦 ..

    Good writing 🙂

  31. RSV says:

    yep its a daring attempt…but daring we need to be to bring a positive change in the world…
    don't you think??

  32. RSV says:

    long time no see..
    thank you buddy!!

  33. RSV says:

    I understand what you want to say here…but its a sad fact that this vicious cycle continues..

  34. rimz says:

    thats bad, really bad….but yet often some situations come wen we jst cnt speak up., sadly enuf….
    nwys c ya soon. tke cre…:)

  35. RSV says:

    but I think we should always speak up against such atrocities…

    btw I am back..
    I reposted this post because its update was not transferred to all my fellow bloggers due to some technical problem..

  36. The unsure ascetic says:

    I am particularly impressed with the last line…which is very true. Really appreciate your writing on such a social eveil.

  37. RSV says:

    @The unsure ascetic
    Welcome to my blog….
    I am happy that you appreciate my feelings…

  38. Guria says:

    I didn't comment till now…
    honestly, because I am not sure whether I agree.
    But the writing concept was good 🙂

  39. RSV says:

    you don't agree with what?
    I mean..
    you believe that such instances don't occur??
    I know you are a very positive and strong person… (and mind it I call myself an observer!!)..
    but that does not mean every person is like that…
    btw this case is more about knowing what is wrong and what is right..there was no one to tell that 7 year old boy to tell such things..

  40. Jaunty anima says:

    Gosh…the history repeating itself…dint quite get that from reading the post but the comments…Gosh that was a real attempt man…child abuse has been happening but the fear of being estranged stops the child from reporting and then he becomes this Uncle…Shuxs…These 'uncles' don't deserve to live..

  41. RSV says:

    @Jaunty Amina
    welcome to my blog Jaunty Amina…
    yep such 'uncles are the real termites of the society…

  42. Priyanka Agrawalla says:

    That was indeed good step from you Rahul. I feel very bad abt such children. No idea what happened to the Anti-child abuse propaganda.. Now-a-days cant see them anywhere. No idea if seriously steps are taken for this…

    Sorry for not commenting to ur previous posts.. Entered a new job, new place, no net, feeling lost. Will be back to blogosphere soon! Take care.


  43. RSV says:

    thank you calling it a good step….

    and you got a job..its a great news..congratulations!!..
    and happy diwali..
    I want two chocolates!!

  44. Priyanka Agrawalla says:

    Always welcome.. The thing is I got the job before 2 years itself! But the recession made me to join late!!

    Happy Diwali to u as well 🙂

    Bus chocolates me ho jayega kya??? To phir am ready!

  45. Babli says:

    Excellent post.
    Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

  46. RSV says:

    ye recession bhi na..
    chalo kaam ho to gaya…
    bestest of wishes!

  47. RSV says:

    same to you ma'am..

  48. Singh Amit says:

    I would say…a bold and thought provoking post..Very well written…
    I read the comment above…and I am agree with You can say a 7 year child a victim as he don't know what is happening right now…However after some time if he would get it know…I think it would have a disastrous effect…which might lead him to be like that "Uncle"…or many psychological disorders…


  49. Vishnu says:

    ooohhh.. u r brave.. a good 1..

  50. evanescentthoughts says:

    Thanks so much Rahul for putting it on wall of fame 🙂 I will definitely write a small introduction of that post and email you.. I will email you tomorrow.. today going out somewhere.. thanks so much.. 🙂 🙂

  51. evanescentthoughts says:

    O! forgot to wish! Happy Diwali 🙂 Have fun!!!

  52. Rakesh Vanamali says:

    3 of 10 Indian children, perhaps more are sexually abused by close relatives, thereby giving way to immense pain and an indelible mark on the personality!

    It is therefore very important to teach a child the difference between good and bad touch and to also make the child confident in reporting the latter!

    very good post Rahul!

  53. RSV says:

    yes Amit you are right,
    such children undergo a lot of mental trauma when they get to know that it is wrong….
    thank you for calling it a thought provoking one..

  54. RSV says:

    Welcome to my blog Vishnu..
    Am I ? Really?
    he he…

    btw, plz do me a favor though, mail me some of your best posts. Your name has been suggested to me by many people..

  55. RSV says:

    I am waiting 😛
    happy diwali to you too!!

  56. RSV says:

    honestly speaking RV, I was waiting for your comment on this particular post…
    I am satisfied that you found it very good…

  57. Swaram says:

    Hmm 😦 Its sad but true that there are many such monsters around 😦 Past and present – Liked the presentation!

    Thanks for blogrolling me 🙂

    Happy Diwali 🙂

  58. RSV says:

    @Swaram(nice name I must say)
    welcome to my blog…
    yes such monsters don't know what harm they are doing..
    happy diwali to you as well..

  59. HaRy!! says:

    Hey Man… quite a bold write up…There are some cruel beings as such out indeed! God save those poor victims…just reminded me of the movie in Tamil..which brings the light of the victims…"Kadhal Kondein".. nice and hey thanks for my mention dude!! am really honoured!!!

    • rsvblogger says:

      nice to see you here Hary…
      thought you enjoy only the funny kinda posts…

      It was tough actually for me to pick out two from your blog..
      plz help find me some more..
      and I am waiting for a write up man!!

  60. Tomz says:

    Apllause for ur daring post..Many other one can write like this..but I can't

  61. RSV says:

    nice to see you here Hary…
    thought you enjoy only the funny kinda posts…

    It was tough actually for me to pick out two from your blog..
    plz help find me some more..
    and I am waiting for a write up man!!

  62. RSV says:

    Welcome to my Blog Tomz….
    daring? well yes..u r right…but now I think it was worth it…
    don’t you?

  63. vineet says:

    good post dear..the way u hold the readers is commendabl..awesumm

  64. RSV says:

    thank you buddy!!

  65. Shankar says:

    A very bold write up indeed…. If I see such incidents some where may be i would kill them straight away…. SUch persons dont deserve to live in this society..

  66. RSV says:

    "i would kill them"..
    this statement clearly shows how much hate such people….

  67. Rahil says:

    hey you got a great writing skills..good writeup..!!

  68. RSV says:

    welcome to my blog Rahil
    I am happy that you appreciate it..

  69. Mural! says:

    nice style of presenting the story

  70. Chandni.. says:

    The victim does not remain a JUST victim always…

    When you imagine something like this happening in fromt of your eyes, you go like yuckkk… but u have really put it nicely…


  71. RSV says:

    thank you 🙂

  72. RSV says:

    Welcome to my blog
    Yes we feel like puking…

  73. Neha says:

    first time here, and a very different take on child abuse…a victim does not always remain a victim, but he creates many more victims who might continue to remain so their entire life…

  74. RSV says:

    Welcome to my blog Neha….
    yes…the victims perpetrate the culprits

  75. Oh you shifted to wordpress? Good thing! I can comment easily now 😀 Thanks and congrats to you too for the blogadda pick for that wonderful post of yours 🙂

  76. neeraj says:

    Also I felt good…….. Is that a different way to look at child abuse? A very different way of presenting the issue! Nice!

  77. neeraj says:

    it's a very different take on child abuse. But I kinda disagree with the fact that a child may enjoy such act! Almost all of them are not in a position to understand that they are being sexually exploited

  78. RSV says:

    hey Neeraj I am happy that you liked it.
    But I more happy that you spoke your mind..

    Neeraj, not all children are like the girl you mentioned in your post….
    I know its not constructive…but you know this was narrated to me by the 'uncle' himself…and that too on a train journey….
    he accepted that he had taken the wrong path and today he is a happy man again….

    and that is the reason isn't it? the child doesn't know what it is. He just felt it….

  79. neeraj says:

    That's true Rahul! Agreed… and I like your way of presenting as I had already mentioned! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  80. RSV says:

    thanks neeraj….
    I must say here…
    I am reading the posts you gave to me. And I am like..WOW..

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