The day I proposed HER…

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You get up late. “Today is an important day”. You take a quick bath. Apply cosmetics on your face, hair, armpit and nails. You check whether the gift is still in your bag. “It is a pink tee which you bought from an exclusive showroom on an alleyway at CP”. You find that the front tire of your manual-bike is flat. Daddy agrees to drop you in his car. You wink. “Everything is happening exactly in accordance with what you have planned”…..

…I still remember that day. It was the month of august and I was in my eleventh standard. (Sweet sixteen you know!!) Those were some days… I used to literally crave to go to school. We just had had our long holidays and everybody was full of new spirit, new plans, new hairstyles, new books (?) and well, stories of new girlfriends or boy-friends… Yes, new was the air all around. We would play dumb sheraz in the school. We would play truth and dare and dare hitting our favorite teacher’s back when she was scribbling things on the board. I started breaking some of the school’s rules and some others of mine. In fact it was only then when I learnt to bunk school in order to watch movies…

Funny, that time is, in a person’s life. Isn’t it? You feel an inexplicable change occurring to your mind and your body. A strange freshness enters your lives and you yearn to do something new. Something different from others. You want to make up for all that time which you now think you wasted in all that mugging and crapping in tenth class. Suddenly you feel an urge to make more friends. You become more and more sociable. In fact it is the same time when most of us start taking interest in opposite sex….

A Flashback: KV Borjhar, Guwahati, August, 1994.
There is a ‘smart’ boy with neatly parted hair and a handkerchief strung over his shirt pocket. There is a cute girl with a pink smiling face, well groomed bobs and a yellow-red daisy duck bag on her back. With an invisible corner of his left eye, he tries to look at resplendent her. ”She is beautiful.” But his right eye is caught by a pair of squinty eyes. The teacher makes the new girl sit with him. The girl says hello and graciously offers her hand. “But she is a girl!!” He says hi and graciously refuses to accept them….

I have this very peculiar theory about boys that most of them want to have girlfriends only because they want to impress their boyfriends. Having a girlfriend is usually considered a matter of greater manhood. You feel ecstatic when your friends call your girlfriend their bhabhi. Having a girlfriend is also beneficial when it comes to parties, picnics and all that social stuff. When you have to prove how much sociable you are. In fact the more the number of girlfriends one has, the greater he is considered a dude…

…So, I was in eleventh and most of us were fed up of firstly the boards and then those endless holidays. Results were out a long ago and people were jubilant (as well as surprised) with their more than expected percentages. I was especially on a high. I had topped the school and had been continuously showered with ‘unnecessary’ praises ever since. But in spite of all that ‘highness’, there was something that I felt was missing. Something I was very unhappy about. I was considered a nerd. A bookworm. An introvert who seldom engages himself with others. And honestly speaking, I never liked that. I wanted to erase that image. I mean I was good at sports too. Why did people fail to notice that? In short, I wanted to be a hotshot, a dude… One who studies as well as enjoys life. And I thought having a girlfriend would make me one….

Another Flashback: KV Amla, near Nagpur, August, 2003
There is a ‘geeky’ boy with bespectacled red eyes, perfectly groomed hair and a badge over his shirt pocket, with class monitor carved on it. There is a girl with a radiant smile on her face, sitting across the boy on the same desk. The boy offers her a chocolate and she stands up, making way for yet another girl. There are many of them…in fact, the entire female population of the class, by the look of it… The ‘new’ girl ‘also’ ties a band on his hand. The occasion is simple: it is Rakshabandhan…..

…After a lucky start to the day, the protagonist lands up in school. With a blue-black rucksack, with a pink tee inside it. And as soon as he sees her, he decides to run away…


please read the next part here: PART 2

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65 Responses to The day I proposed HER…

  1. rimz says:

    awwww.. very nice… nya i do agree with your theories of manhood….:)..hehe… having a gf is like having some prerogatives for d boys…

    kahani baaki hai aur hum sunne aur padhne k liye taiyaar v hain…:)

  2. Lakshmi Rajan says:

    ha ha … Pyaar (Im)possible ! Like the trailer of the movie … I cam imagine the Geek in you :p

    Finally, what happened to the Pink Tee ? It ended up as Rakhi gift or did it find pink hearts flying in the air ? 😉

  3. Being Pramoda... says:

    HI Rahul,

    well, those sweet sixteen experiences are lovely, especially if u need to propose ..heheh..:) good one ..

    **I have this very peculiar theory about boys that most of them want to have girlfriends only because they want to impress their boyfriends.

    i dont know how many boys have this opinion, but i would say, it is the worst ever reason to have a girl frnd, and the very first reason to see relationships breaking in between..

    have a girl on ur side, id u feel like having her; but not that someone else would love you fr having her..

    Nice post .. hey rahul , i coul dnot send u mail yesterday..sorry for that..wil mail u ..

    thank u ..

  4. Thousif Raza says:

    well rahul it was very well told, loved the raksha bandhan wala joke really cool, after many days have read a 'inside' story of a guy, but i have to say you one thing not all think that a girlfriend is a example of manhood, but mostly its like they are a bag ful of worrries 😉 rgt?

    well waiting for the next part…..

    take care and keep writing………

  5. Chandni.. says:

    hahahaha….. rakhshabandhan… I remember my school days. I used to tie rakhi on that guy's hand who used to sit next to me. Wierd it was, but every year 'mera bhai change ho jata tha'. And trust me I dont remember a single guy who became my brother, Ofcourse I remember my crushes…. 😛

  6. Neha says:

    hmmm, interesting…waiting for part 2 now…and will comment then…reason? well u leave the readers curious with the half post, and I will leave u curious with the incomplete comment…

    PS: I love that post by Sreya too 🙂

  7. Shruti says:

    Hi rahul, will comeback 2 read your post 🙂
    Now, Visit my profile 🙂
    Something is waiting for you!

  8. Rajlakshmi says:

    hehehehe what an ending… rakshabandhan really scares guys eh!! 😛
    wonderfully narrated 😀

  9. Singh Amit says:

    Awesome post dude.. 🙂
    Loved it..somewhere my days were reflecting in it too.. 🙂
    Waiting for your next post… 🙂

  10. Shilpa says:

    :)really made me smile 🙂
    Yar every blogger is writting about love these love flu going on??
    btw kahani puri jan ne ke intezar mein….


  11. Ekam says:

    Hehe.. Rakshabandhan waise dara deta hai sab ladko ko 😀
    waiting for the next part .. do write it soon 🙂

  12. RSV says:

    was it awesome wala awww or aaa.. wala awww?

  13. RSV says:

    @Lakhsmi Rajan
    pyar impossible?
    which movie??

  14. RSV says:

    hey Prams, I am not one of them….

  15. RSV says:

    they are a bag full of worries only when you have lifted them once…. in those cases who haven't seen the bag, they are still the same…lovey dovey angels….

    am I right?

  16. RSV says:

    and guess what chandni…
    mujhe Raakhi bhaandhne wali kabhi nahi bhulti ki main unka bhaiya hoon…
    har saal mujhe ek raakhi bhej deti hai..
    (aur kehti hain ki mera gift kahan hai?)

  17. RSV says:

    was that an incomplete comment??

  18. RSV says:

    sure ma'am..

  19. RSV says:

    rakshabandhan really scares MOST OF THE guys eh!!

  20. RSV says:

    I knew it!!

  21. RSV says:



  22. RSV says:

    hey Ekam, mujhe bhi isse dar lagta hai..AB…

  23. Harini says:

    Hehhe.. yeah, I do have few friends (guys ofcourse) who consider having a girl by their side as a mater of pride :P. So when is kahani getting puri?

  24. evanescentthoughts says:

    Cool.. you took me back to my 11th. I had similar feeling that time. I was also considered a nerd. And agree with the guys feeling abt having GFs just to showoff. That's why most of those relationships end in school.
    I liked that post of Guria's too.
    Small typo: " is still in your bag"

    Waiting eagerly for part 2!!!!

  25. Karthik says:

    Very well told. I got pretty nostalgic about my school days. 🙂
    Waiting for the second part. 🙂

  26. RSV says:

    most of them are like this…
    kahani is getting puri soon,,,,,,

  27. RSV says:

    we have something common then..
    but today m a dude..
    what bout u?(just curious..)

  28. RSV says:

    nostalgic?…I mean you also tried yo propose girls?

  29. Nickhil Patokar says:

    waiting for the next part….. and good flashbacks….

  30. Rakesh Vanamali says:

    Lol! I am reminded of my hay days in school and afterwards!

  31. RSV says:

    @Nickhil(why a C, may I know?)

  32. RSV says:

    that must be long time for you..

  33. R. Ramesh says:

    thanks buddy

  34. Shankar says:

    Yup…. the theories of manhood are so true…. It feels really good when you have a girl along side you in party's or picnics… nie on dude..

  35. RSV says:

    welcome buddy!!

  36. RSV says:

    hey Shankz
    do u have one??

  37. VeNkY says:

    All i am going to ask is why why wordpress 😦 I will read and comment on this later buddy

  38. Thousif Raza says:

    You are so very rgt on that mate so very rgt… 🙂

    take care and keep writing………………….

  39. Shas says:

    Hi! Rahul, This new template is cool and refreshing. This is a quick visit so am unable to read your post fully. Will come back soon.
    Keep it up!!

  40. vineet says:

    really u presnt things high sounding words..just purity all round..not 2 say i m waiting fr more of this..superb dear…dats i guess RSV fr u…by the way i broke up with ma galfrnd n tell u..singl life roxx..

  41. Pingback: The day I proposed her..part 2 « The Skeptikal Observer

  42. Guria says:

    I read the whole story… it was TOO Good! 😀
    But wanted to tell you, You humble me 🙂
    Thank you 😛

  43. Tomz says:

    I was thinking about writing a beautiful comment to this post (and the first part as well) while reading the whole, as your writing style has attracted me very much. But the last sentence of the post simply prompts me to write one word as the comment to this post, which i wrote in CAPS..great one…I thought i was in a dream world..

  44. Hitesh says:

    i know it’s not finished and m intriguied to read it……..but 1 baje hai raat ke….kal kahani puri karta hu

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