If I were a baby again…

It is nine pm in the night. And I am sitting on an air conditioned seat of a rickety bus on its way to Roorkee. The weather is cool and I am, in my shorts. There is a whole paradise of people around. From young crazy youngsters to old lazy oldsters. There are chirruping girls and there are croaking boys. A woman is sleeping beside me. With a baby. Wide awake on her lap… I look at him with curious eyes. He looks at me with more curious eyes. And guess what? He simply starts crying. “?,?” His mother wakes up. She looks at me with confused eyes. I also get confused and so pretend observing a distant bulb glowing over a scare-crow in all its glory…

When I was a kid, I used to think what it would be like being a big man. I would try acting what my father did. I would try to boss around people. I would drive my plastic bicycle all around the house, pretending that I was driving a bike. I would go outside the house when my mum was washing clothes, just to look at the protruding teeth of the monster which my mum said lived near the neighborhood tree. I remember it too well. I used to have a small jar in which I would collect all those gritty stones and magnets and rubber bands and even toothbrush bristles. “!!” I have a younger brother. One year older to me. We would play WWF and fight over who would sleep with mum and who, with dad. I had a cute girlfriend too. 😛 We four would play Poshum-pa and hide and seek and one more game in which you have to hop over boxes over the turf marked with red brick powder. Those were some moments. There was no tension. No agony. Not a tinge of guilt even in the deepest vaults of my heart. I want to re-live all those moments….

It is five pm in the evening. And I am sitting on a bench in a public park. I am thinking of owning a private park one evening. There is a pretty girl on a see-saw. There is a smart boy on its other side. I have a book in my hands. There are pre-boards tomorrow. A ball rolls up towards me. The pretty girl also comes towards me. “Bhaiya, why are you not playing?” The Pele in me gets a sudden jolt. I close my book. I keep it on the bench. “Can I play with you?” I ask, those little kids all strewn with mud and sweat. Then I lift myself up from the bench. I kick the football with all my might. “No…….” Almost the entire park shouts back. I retreat back to my place. I place myself back on the bench. The cute girl goes back to her see-saw. But the football is still there. In all its glory. May be, that is the reason, girlie….

Yes, I confess. I want to be a baby again. Not because people say babyhood consisted some of the best moments of their lives. Not because babies are the ONLY honest creatures in this world. Not, because I am actually fad up of my current: busy and monotonous life. But all the while yes. I want to be a baby all over again. I want to be a baby because I think I am still a baby in this much more self-proclaimed mature world. I am fad up of pretending too much…

It is one pm in the afternoon. And I am sitting beside Ravi in our ‘famous’ classroom. Our English teacher has given us an essay to write. And the topic is, well, “If I were a baby once again”. The first question that came to my mind was: Am I still not a kid? Have I grown up so much? But it would be stupid asking such questions. I look here and there. All the people are frantically scribbling pages in front of them. I look at my own notebook. It is still empty. I think about Ravi. Then I think about her. I think about my own reputation in the class. And I continue thinking about other various things…

I still remember that day. We were traveling by a blueline bus. Me and my father. As expected from a father, he was standing where as I was more than comfortable on a seat. Actually too spacious for my midget self. I was doing the usual thing that I prefer doing during such hours. I was observing the people around… My eyes felt on an old man. He was standing near the conductor’s seat.He was visibly poor and definitely very weak. I looked at him for rather a long time. But, then, I don’t know what happened to me, I stood up and offered him my seat. He did not take it. He just said: No, No, don’t worry son, there are people who can’t see the pain of old age. You too will become like them someday. Then why pretend unnecessarily? In fact, I too used to be like you. Once upon a time….

It is…. “what is the time?” I don’t know. “How I got here?” I don’t know. I look around. There are a lot of people around. I look at myself. “What??…I am naked?” I look at the mirror nearby.” Oh, I am a baby. It must be a dream then. Oh, yes, I am a baby. At least in my dreams. There is Ravi. Not a baby? What sort of dream is it? Oh, whatever…”  I go to him. He picks me up. I slap him on his face. His face contorts for a second. But then he starts smiling. “I hate it.” I slap him once again. He smiles once again. It make me hate him some more. But then he buys me an ice-cream. “Wow!!”And there is ‘she’. “This time two times Wow.” I toddle down to her. She holds me up in her arms. “She is actually hugging me!!” I feel ecstatic. This must be some dream. It can’t be reality. But then dream it is. But I am with her. But?…What But? I raise my head and kiss her on the cheek…..

And there is Miss < >. She is truly beautiful. In fact more beautiful than her. In fact, the most beautiful person I have come across ever. In, fact, I love her. The way she talks. The way she looks. It just mesmerizes me. But I have never expressed this to anyone. Not even Ravi. People say it’s a taboo. To express your teacher that she is beautiful. I know even she won’t like it. Even if, she was the only one who taught me: “A thing of beauty is joy forever.” But now is the chance. I go to her. I tell her she is beautiful. She laughs at me and then…she pinches me(??)..

I look up. Mrs. ( ) is standing near me. I look sideways. Ravi is laughing his asses off.

“You Baster…”

“What have you written? Let me see.”

“Oh, Maam, please maam, just some more time.”

And I start some frantic scribbling….

I don’t know why but yes, I am weird. And I am weird because I think that whole world is weird…

After few minutes, Mrs. ( ) appears once again.

“So, are you done now?”

“Yes maam.”

What I had written was the following:


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106 Responses to If I were a baby again…

  1. RSV says:

    I feel like a baby now

  2. chetan says:

    hehe…good one
    i enjoyed reading it

  3. Raji says:

    Me too.. Nice one. Kinda appealing. I like it!! All the best

  4. Shruti says:

    This post really scared the hell outta me!
    Man, you wrote it so well.. Grr…my brain is rusted, can’t think of innovative ideas 😦
    But you lived upto ur name… I wish to see that cute girlfriend of urs 😛

  5. Too good. Simply awesome Rahul 🙂 nice mix of past and present. I liked the way you presented it

  6. Agree with Shruti. You scared the hell out of me too 😦

  7. Neha says:

    nice one Rahul…you incorporated many emotions in this post…good luck 🙂

  8. Very beautifully written Rahul… 🙂
    Ur post again reflects how amazing observer u r.. 🙂
    Best of luck for Blog-a- ton

  9. ur post was”goo goo ga ga”

  10. RSV,


    Your story reminded of the following song :

    Tum jo pakad lo haath mera duniya badal sakta hoon main
    Manga hai tumhe, duniya ke liye (not myself, for the betterment of the world 😉 )

  11. Nice one. And yes, the world was a much more wonderful place when we were babies!

  12. Daisyblue says:

    Very lovely writing.. the narration was wonderful..moving back and forth. Well presented!

  13. Ekam says:

    Very well written Rahul 🙂

  14. A Desi says:

    emotions and emotions and more emotions!
    imagine what it has done to me on an early morning! my breakfast hunger is gone … thanks for this wonderful doze of reading 🙂

    • RSV says:

      Oh. I am sorry 😦
      Please have your breakfast 😛

      PS:(My exams are going on, I will be on a Ad blog cruise soon, I am missing so much I think) 😀

  15. manohar says:

    Great post boss.. varied emotions.. nice that you too think u have the mind of a baby

  16. dmanji says:

    Nice narration effortlessly moving between flash back and the present …. Gr8….

  17. debosmita says:

    Awww…Very cute 🙂 I like the narrative especially…

  18. aativas says:

    Rahul, enjoyed your post from start to finish.

  19. A good one. You may actually want to make a small movie of this… 🙂

    But, did not like the ending. A bit too abrupt…

  20. Prashant says:


    How true!

  21. Miss_Nobody says:

    Lovely,great writitng,but there are a few typos 🙂 Liked how you presented it.

  22. Bharathi says:

    I can see the concentration throughout the post. nice work. You ended it well with a nice punch. All the best.

  23. Shankar says:

    Hey bro..nice post… And this is really good…even though u have some exams… I liked the last line.. it was so true…. earth would be a beautiful place in a child’s perspective.. good one bro…..

  24. shilpa says:

    I guess i am late to comment.
    hey like this ‘past and present analysis’ thing that you do in this post. 😐

  25. I liked the way you talked about the pretensions ……
    Yeah, we do wear masks to behave in the society in the name of morality and we cal it life…….
    And the narrations is really impressive……
    You can become a screenplay writer……
    Great work buddy….

    cheers 🙂

  26. Aneet says:


    What ever gave you that impression. Bravery has nothing to do with writing a blog post!

    Asinine… perhaps.

    Brave… I don’t think so.

  27. Aneet says:

    I think you almost spelled “Bastard” wrong…. 😛

  28. Niharika says:

    Really cool post. Fun from start to finish. Too good.

  29. prashansa puranik says:

    Very nice post!You have described all the incidances and all the people around you really nicely!I liked the end line!All the best for blog-a-Ton!

  30. Karthik says:

    It would be a cliche if I said that the narration was fabulous.
    I really like the way you put your thoughts into words. Uncluttered and up to the point.
    Enjoyed reading!

  31. Harsha says:

    Really nice post, very well written. Enjoyed reading it a lot

  32. Shilpa Garg says:

    A very well narrated post!! And very interesting too!!
    And congratulations for Spicy Pick!! 🙂

  33. Thousif Raza says:

    hey rahul congrats on the on the pick ya, and i agree with it cause its beautifully written and really well told ya really nice, but that belief abt world being a better place hmmm far fetched but i just hope that it becomes as you dream 🙂

    and i updated the blog, hope to c ya there soon

    take care and keep writing………..

  34. Vipul Grover says:

    Nice one Rahul.. Had ur signature style of interspersed anecdotes! Liked it though it got a bit lengthy (can’t blame u, wn reading blog-a-ton posts one aftr the othr even a 55 Fiction starts looking lengthy 🙂

  35. Pawan says:

    A great great post!
    This is one of the best posts for this edition of blog a ton!
    The narrative was interesting,


  36. Naveen says:

    instances from life were though provoking …. though i didnt get it why the old man turned down the seat n gave a free lecture instead 😮

    we all are gonna grow old some day …. now whats the big deal in taking a seat offered ???

    anyways …. one of the best posts i have read !!

    • RSV says:

      thats ur point but many of us guilt ridden..
      and u must have grasped here that I usually keep the fake mask of the person away..
      old people want to say that but they usually dont..

  37. neeraj says:

    The last line was the essence of all the confessions that you wanted to make! Good one Rahul! 🙂

  38. anuradha says:

    hey very well written………….congrats

  39. Mahesh says:

    Awww…what a beautiful post…more or less many of us do what u did in ur childhood… i loved this quote by you very much: IF I WERE A BABY, THE WORLD WOULD BE A MORE BEAUTIFUL PLACE, AGAIN…

    In fact it takes away the whole credit…

    You seem to have written a lot of good post..i must come down to ur blog to read the rest..

    Whats RSV?? Ram shankar venkataramana? 😛 😉 jus kidding

    See you around 🙂

  40. Mahesh says:

    Where is my comment? it vanished… 😦

  41. Mahesh says:

    Oops..i can see it now 😀

  42. Narendra says:

    firstly congrats for the spicy pick..secondly i am so happy you blog with wordpress(last time i felt i read you on blogspot..my memory i tell you..i surely am a baby again..LOL)

    Well i like the way it is presented..the old man giving a stupid talk is what i liked the most..i dont know why but i felt it was a thrill thing to say 🙂 specially when someone offers you a seat(??)

    the entire post was exciting and the flow was nice ..although i felt i was a bit dumb in the end..cos i dint understand the last part completely well…begining from It is…. “what is the time?” I don’t know………head and kiss her on the cheek

    i read it and re read it..it seemed as if you meant that its a dream or something…correct me if i am wrong..

    PS:tracking back comments is easy so i get excited seeing wp bloggers..:P yay

    PPS: you are my favorite by far…

    PPPS: all the best


  43. Wonderful composition Rahul! This reflects quite a lot of what many many of us envision and want the world to be – the way it was during the time of our youth!!!


    I’m not sure if kids of today echo the same feeling and thought!

  44. Vipul Sharma says:

    hey bro!!!!!!!
    2 nice presentation……….2 much emotions…….
    i was just goin’ thru the blog…. startin’ readin’ this post
    couldn’t stop myself………read all in correct 5 1/2 min(not a gud reader i think……….. [:P])

    itni speed se padu to ek buk 24 hrs mein complete [:D]
    so i just realized i can also read [:P]
    so just keep writin’ & make others realise their potentials(lyk i can read tooooooooo….) best of luck
    nEvEr sMiLe bUt kEEp lAuFiN’

  45. oRange* says:


    lovely! beautifully written and so true!
    congrats btw 🙂

  46. kanagu says:

    Congrats for being picked up in the blog adda RSV 🙂

    truly a deserved post… I loved it to core.. its so simple and really heart warming..

    I loved the two quotes you have said at the end… beautiful 🙂 🙂

    the way you written these post is really superb 🙂

  47. Anshul says:

    Hey Rahul!
    It’s been many days since i last read u.Good to see u in the same form.Although i can’t forbid u for few grammatical errors in the post which is very unlikely RSV.
    But for the theme and content,no prizes for guessing, brilliant as usual.

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