On one fine evening….

It is a beautiful Sunday evening. And, I am ambling down the lanes of Connaught Place. CP, you know, the heart of Delhi, which in itself is a heart, the heart of India. There are an entire lot of people around. I have a smile on my face. It is in human nature that he feels good when there are people around him. It is not a fake smile. I seldom smile a fake smile. I have a genuine smile on my face. And it is so because I am feeling happy. People feel happy when they are satisfied. Yes, I am satisfied. Don’t ask me the reason though. Happiness disappears when others come to know about the reason behind it. I see a child holding an ice-cream. I smile at her. She smiles back at me. There are pigeons on the lawn. People are throwing grains at them. A soft waft of warm air gets stubbed on my cold face. I take a deep breath. This must be some heaven…

I enter a restaurant. A posh food court meant for posh people living in posh colonies. There are well attired waiters and waitresses to help you and serve you. People usually know when they have to bully and when, they need to serve. It comes from experience. I take a seat near an aquarium. I look at the fish inside it. I think about the freedom they have lost in being that precious as they are, now. I contemplate, whether it makes them happy or not. Being enslaved to a very posh cage of posh eyes, or being given a much higher level of attention than most of their free compatriots. Even animals know when they have to bully and when, they need to serve. It is about survival actually. You bully because you know you won’t get that chance later. You serve because you want to get that chance one day. The world is a two way system. Everyone is trying to get to a single common point. But the sad point is, nobody knows what that point is. I place an order of pizza. With toppings of cheese and mushroom. I have never tried mushroom before. I want to give it a try. Just for fun, you know. I also want to touch that point. The point I mentioned before. The point which repels you as soon as you come too near to it…

I come out of the restaurant. I did not eat the pizza. Just after two bites, it became clear to me that mushroom doesn’t suit me. The Waiter politely took the pizza away and brought me a burger instead. Connaught Place is vibrating with wonderful colors and sounds. I like such life. A hectic life with momentary fusions of fun and peace. The same waiter enters the restaurant. He asks me whether I liked the burger. People ask you when they know you can give them something. It is in human nature. You also behave the same way. I look at a stray dog near the dustbin. He is trying to find something there. He uses his nose and claws to explore the dustbin. This is a very common picture in India. Animals get their share of meals through such open dustbins. India is a poor country. Just then, a man arrives there. He shoos the dog away. I am not surprised. Connaught Place is an important place. Government takes care of such important places by periodic cleaning and maintenance. The dog retaliates. He barks at the man. But the man is man. He grasps a stick from the ground and projects it towards the dog to scare him away. The dog runs away with a muffled sound. Now the man is free. He is free to do his job. He puts his hand into the bin and starts rummaging something in it. I contemplate. A job is a job. There should be no shame in doing it. Even if, it is of a rag collector. In fact, such rag pickers are responsible for recycling products and hence keeping the earth clean. The man stops moving his hand in the dust bin. Perhaps he has found what he wanted. He looks sideways. He looks at the object in his hand. He also looks at me with furtive eyes. And then, he starts EATING it….

It is the same mushroom pizza…

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19 Responses to On one fine evening….

  1. Thousif Raza says:

    oji good eveng, yeah toh horror eveng ho gayi…. uhhh life can teach you namy things, its just oneof them, though i feel teribbly sad for the guy, mushroom pizza brrrrr…..

    have missed you come back more often, and good luck for the fest collections 🙂

    take care and keep writing………

  2. Rahil says:

    merry christmas in advance 🙂

  3. Prats says:

    interesting !! a good take on so many thoughts 🙂

  4. B K CHOWLA says:

    How much can life teach one in such a short time.
    Incidentally,reading your post after a long time.
    Any specific reason for not being seen???
    Keep blogging.

  5. Jaunty Anima says:

    Hey…now that’s simple…but great how you described the whole scene with so much ease!!:)

  6. Chanz says:


    this is real life. It happens. And we dont have to be upset. ‘coz the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. This is India. And there is nothing that can be done. We may give good food to one beggar. 2 beggars. Then what after that. Their population does not stop growing, nor does ours. So we just sit back, watch those humans fiddling with the bin and then we walk away.

    Thats life.

    I was at CP too, waiting for someone. I did see the beggars. I did see their hungry faces. But I also saw that they were happy. Unlike us. Atleast they have something which we dont. Atleast they value something that we dont.

  7. 😦 it’s sad. Such incidents make me feel really sad sometimes. And hats off for the narration. Narration was too good. And welcome back to the blogosphere. Glad to have you back. 🙂 Really missed your posts!!!

  8. Rajlakshmi says:

    awww… thats practical life… not for us but for many… its really such a sad scenario… you have beautifully penned it…

  9. Brought me a flood of memories, of my stay in Delhi!

    Brilliant, as ever!

    I’ve been away from my fellow bloggers and their blogs for a long time now and feel disconnected….! Feels good to be back!

    Wishing you and folks a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

  10. HaRy says:

    damn!! sad…mushroom!! shoooooo!! how yu doing lately…sry for not being frequent!! merry x’mas

  11. Great post but really really sad too.

    I loved the way you described it.

  12. Shilpa Garg says:

    An evening captured in words in an amazing way! You have a damn good expression!
    Keep expressing!
    Cheers 🙂

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  14. Zeenat says:

    Very beautifully written. I must say you have managed to make and ordinary evening of your life so extraordinary with your words 🙂 Just breath taking!
    Much Love,
    Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

  15. Chinmaya says:

    nice one…

  16. Harini says:

    A very good one 🙂

  17. Dushyant Kumar says:

    hi dear ..
    u wrote wisely about the difference of levels in living standard in india when u were ending ur words. but how do u think to minimize this gap. what do u think about that person who is tasting the mushroom from a dustbin. each and every person has a desire like u to taste a dish as u were going to taste mushroom for a trail. he wasn’t able to do so like u. it doesn’t happen always that we invest our money wisely, same happend with u after tasting the mushroom and finally it was wasted. if we people can hav such a worthless investment,then why we don’t try to make it worthful. if u saw him in such a situation,then it was only u who could be the reason of heavenly pleasure if u were offered him some bugs to him to have the same pleasure. i kno it was a big amount to offer but what u think about the price thrown by you in mashroom. but i am very much sure about the heavenly pleasure that u could have to feel, to write and to create the same in others like u who really feel but forget the way they can do much better for their self pleasure and and for the humanity. really it was nice to see u wrote an experience,but sorry sir u have missed something more than a feeling.

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