Theory of Happiness

Relativity is absolute. It is a generally accepted notion that people tend to exhibit their true self when they are subjected to certain level of primary delusions from what is meant by normalcy for them. In times of a lack of normalcy, every living person starts radiating a peculiar ray around him, which tends to regurgitate the entropy of its surroundings. Speaking in terms of a layman, we can attribute this phenomenon as the representation of our inability to change all the variables of our life at the same time. This lack or in other terms ability of living beings to affect only a certain portion of their life at a certain portion of time, sometimes, or indeed truthfully speaking, always, leads to unhappiness. Unhappiness, in a very crude form, may be described as the presence of dissatisfaction. Please note that, I did not say “absence of satisfaction” or simply “dissatisfaction”. And this exactly is what makes the difference. There is always some sort of “absence of satisfaction” and there is never the state of “dissatisfaction”. I said “presence of dissatisfaction”. By this I meant, even under similar conditions, different people react differently. In fact it is the reaction of the people which make them different. Happiness is something that is purely relative. Even if not complete, we have a fair amount of control over it. The thing is: Just let it loose.
Don’t control HAPPINESS.

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9 Responses to Theory of Happiness

  1. V Rakesh says:

    Happiness certainly is a manner of travelling and not a destination to arrive at, quite unlike the philosophy that many follow. Therefore it can only be pursued and not assigned any materialistic value for finding true happiness is an act of appreciating the world around us in a way by understanding the realities of nature and oneself and being comfortable of them!

  2. B K CHOWLA says:

    Happiness,as they say,is a state of mind.
    One must try and remain happy at all the times.

  3. Thousif Raza says:

    so true when you say that….. and where r u these dayz? hope to see you more blogging, and whats with the mysterious theme hmmm?

    take care and keep writing…………..

  4. well was that English you wrote in.. are you writing a book on happiness, looks like definitions….

    well all i can say is “arre bhaiya all is well..”

    No seriously agree with V Rakesh..Happiness certainly is a manner of traveling… the definition for happiness is diffrent for different ppl…

  5. Rajlakshmi says:

    theory of happiness… you can actually write a thesis on it…
    loved the concept of presence of dissatisfaction 😛 that sounds much positive 🙂

  6. HaRy says:

    wonder how i stopped reading yur blogs!! i never realised yu were in wordpres!! way2goo… happy can always be happies!cya around!


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  8. Apoceerce says:

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    don’t quit and also keep posting considering it just simply well worth to follow it.
    looking forward to browse through more and more of your well written articles, have a pleasant day 😉

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