Uncle Sam, the rabbit and the tortoise

Following is a fast story ahead….

In special relativity, there is an interesting concept called relativity of simultaneity. It asserts that the fact of two separate events A and B being simultaneous with respect to a non-accelerating frame of reference X does not imply that they are also simultaneous for another similarly non-accelerating frame of reference Y.

Not so long ago, in an abandoned forest in the country of Germany, all its animals and birds used to live in complete harmony with each other. But, since, it had to happen, it happened and a catastrophic feud developed between the hares and the tortoises for an unknown but still a very serious issue. After a little exchange of flowers and red juices between the two groups, the UNITED FORESTS’ ORGANIZATION came into action and forced an eminent group of giraffes to act as a mediator and resolve the two groups’ unknown problem. All the forest renowned poets and scientists as well as actors welcomed this kind gesture of UFO with great applaud because it was widely accepted that giraffes were the most PEACEFUL animals of the timberland.

It is still unknown why it happened but many rumors started floating in the forest as soon as the executive panel decided to hold a race between the hares and the tortoises to resolve the unknown issue between them. Giraffes argued that such a step would intensify the relations between the two groups which in return would also give them a reason to mediate. Animals and birds started gossiping that hares had bribed the giraffes but brusquely stopped their nonsense as they were sensible enough to understand that being stomped in HAATHI-CHARGE was a ridiculous idea.

Many rabbits came forward and tried to raise their voice against such atrocity and anarchy and warned the forest that they would use terror as their tool and drop shit and bones in the territory of the tortoises. Talking of tortoises some of them eventually managed to reach the territory of lions after travelling continuously for many days but proved to be terribly unsuccessful in waking them up from their sleep. But this time rabbits helped tortoises by intruding into their territory and smuggling out the skeletons of zebras and buffaloes thereby making them feel fooled in front of the entire forest. Rest is, as they say, history. The lions started killing all those animals and birds which by any way looked like rabbits.

One of the most direct manifestations of special theory of relativity is simple. Things shorten when they move. And time for them gets slowed down. The exact statement and formulation of this concept is tiresome and more importantly unnecessary in the present discussion.

Soon the day of the final judgment also arrived. How the race went is known even to the cleverest of my readers. So I won’t bore them with it. Even the result we know. Or do we? It is widely known that the tortoises won that now historic race. But I am talking about the reason, the actual series of events which has been oversimplified into a false myth.

Don’t worry; I won’t bore you with these more than boring physical theories which actually are paramount in deciding where you would fall from your rickety chair after my tremendously powerful jokes poke you on your unclean nails. Enough of this bull-shit. The thing is I AM BACK. And back with a crash. I hope to stay longer.

Now, read the story again.
Now tell me WHO IS UNCLE SAM? OR SHOULD BE? Or was?……

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11 Responses to Uncle Sam, the rabbit and the tortoise

  1. SiD says:

    welcome back…..:D

  2. V Rakesh says:

    Phew, must tell you that I’ve read Eisenstein and Hawking and their views on relativity – this one gave me a kick! 😉

  3. B K CHOWLA says:

    Sorry, I have no clue, despite the fact I read this twice

  4. Welcome back! At the end of the day, lets hope Aal izz well. facts are always burried into history and what remains is a simplest form that may end up being superstition or a fable.

  5. WElcome back. Dint get it 😦 Who is uncle sam?

  6. Arsh says:

    Uncle Sam is the Giraffes, right?

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