Time Travel

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I tried to close my eyes. I knew my time had finally come…. But suddenly, a blinding flash, an intense surge of white light, pounded on my retina. Even if I knew there was no use protecting my eyes, I couldn’t resist myself from opening them. It was reflexive… A force was there too. It was trying to close them. But then there was the flashing light. It was excruciating…

And all of a sudden, it was peace. A feeling of intense stillness. I thought I was speeding up. I thought I was leaving myself. Swimming in that intense albumen ether, I thought I was I on my way to God. I knew, I was dying, finally….

…I saw a baby. He was playing with ‘me’. Not actually me. It was the other me. The older ‘me’…

…I saw a girl. My girl-friend actually. There was ‘me’ as well. But I knew it was the past. I knew she would betray ‘me’ the very next day….

…I saw a lady. She was playing with the baby I had seen before. Something was familiar about her….

…I saw ‘myself’. Wearing a black shirt…standing, on the top of a building. I knew what ‘I’ was about to do: I was going to, jump from the building…

But then the sensation took a reverse turn. A feeling of intense chaos. I thought I was speeding down. I thought I was approaching myself. And then I took a struggling breath. Clots of blood seeped into my nose. I sneezed and coughed horrendously. It was a near death experience…..

I knew who have saved me. It was me… I had, traveled through time…

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15 Responses to Time Travel

  1. V Rakesh says:

    Wow! The very thought of time travel makes me excited! How I wish! 😉

  2. SiD says:

    hey wow…nice nice… Harry Potterish…:D

  3. Nice one…..enjoyed the journey( reading :))
    all the best for bat8 🙂

  4. wow..loved it Rahul 🙂 Loved the way you narrated. It was so interesting to read 🙂

  5. Interesting. Simple. Short. All the best for BATOM!

    PS: http://bit.ly/aliensandme

  6. Murali says:

    Good read! All the best for BATOM!

  7. liked the plot ….
    dual presence is indeed fascinating always…….
    nive one 🙂

  8. Makk says:

    what if you would travelled b4 jump….:)

    Good attempt.

  9. Nethra says:

    I hope when I’m in some trouble the past me or the future me will come and save me. 😛
    All the best for BAT! 🙂

  10. The Fool says:

    Interesting. You managed to build a nice air of suspense and mystery.

  11. @ RSV

    Quite intense feeling!
    Like the short, sweet and apt narration

    All the Best for BATOM!

    ~ Keep the PSrak Alive…

  12. ~ Keep the Spark Alive..

  13. Shilpa Garg says:

    Wonderful! Liked the short and sweet and powerful expression!
    Cheers and all the very best for BAT-8! 🙂

  14. exoduso says:

    One of my friends already told me about this place and I do not regret that I found this article.

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