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I know I haven’t written anything for quite a while and people don’t read what I write. This is the primary feature of blogosphere. People lose what they have if they are not regular enough. But this is not the point. (Or is it?) The point of concern is a simple word: F O O L…

For every word there is a definition. And there is a very interesting definition I have for this word.

“A fool is one who thinks he is not.”

Analyzing this odd definition of mine, every single person in this world is a fool. Now, you will say that Rahul is all gaga and well, a fool. But I can prove it. And I will. But let us read a story first…..

Once upon a time in a metro, there lived a person who used to claim that he was not a fool. He would wake up early at nine, get ready for his office and well, go to his office. His office was at a distance of two kilometers from his house and he would ride in his brand new Honda city to there. He was proud of his Honda because it was more expensive than his colleague’s esteem, who by a pure coincidence was also his neighbor. So he would reach his glassy office at ten and start his office work. He was good at his work. He was the marketing head of a multinational company, which sold women accessories. After the usual morning meetings, he would head off to lunch to his house, a pristine bungalow near the biggest mall of the metro. In fact, he had every comfort he could think of…

Question 1: Do you think you are a fool?

He had a dog. His dog’s name was Tommy. Tommy had a strap around his neck. He had a girlfriend too. Her name was Dolly. They would meet every evening in the park. They would run after each other and play. Her master was that same neighbor who owed an esteem and lived near his master.

Question 2: Did you really think that the man had a girlfriend?

Question 3: Can’t dogs have girlfriends? Or, bitch-friends??

He had a wife who was a normal human being. (To tell you that she was not the bitch) She was the daughter of the head of the multinational company which used to sell women accessories. She was beautiful and smart and clever and all that. And so, she had an affair with the person who possessed the esteem.

Question 4: Are you enjoying the story?

Question 5: Did you really read it?

The bitch was a really beautiful bitch. The man’s dog was really fond of her. He would sneak as and when to meet her in secret. Their dog-bitch love-story was very famous among their friends. But I won’t tell you that.

Question 6: Are you getting bored?

I know you are. So I stop right now.

Question 7: Are you now feeling that you have been fooled?

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20 Responses to F O O L

  1. Murali says:

    Yes I am. Nice experiment though!

    Read Up mine: Murali – Fool

  2. mahesh kumar says:

    bit out of the box…
    gud try..

  3. chetan says:

    this topic is giving us very different and unique posts..

  4. Murali says:

    experiment in style of writing ofcourse…..

  5. Jayanta Deka says:

    Standing out as being a different post. Unique one.
    Keep the spark alive..
    Cheers Life

  6. aativas says:

    good try to fool the readers…:)

  7. kanagu says:

    good try Rahul.. but I couldn’t get it… blame it on my non-functioning brain 😐

  8. VeNkY says:

    you have crazy logic, man! Fool is a person who makes a wrong judgement. I am certainly a fool. But by your logic i am not fool. You’ll get it it if you know what i am talking about :d

    • RSV says:

      this ain’t crazy Venky,
      this is AWESOME..
      you already know you are a fool so there isn’t any point proving it.

  9. Guria says:

    I have always strongly held on to the fact that I am a fool… wonder what that makes me? Hmm….
    So to your last question: No, ’cause you can never fool a fool who knows is he/she is a fool.
    You feeling intelligent yet?

  10. Shilpa Garg says:

    Yes, you have achieved your objective!!
    Good one! 🙂

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