The Suicide Note

April 15, 2010

Most people kill themselves because of a mental condition. This is true in my case too. The condition I suffer from is that I am not normal, I am not like everyone of you “sane” people.

I am not normal in the sense that I am not like every other one of you brain-dead zombies. I can think. I can reason intelligently. I can observe and learn from life. I can make my own decisions and follow through on them. And I can do these without any aid from celebrities, T.V., radio or Facebook. Unfortunately, every one of you seem to lack these skills and I can’t take it any more.

Since everyone else in this world is a retarded drone who revels in their ignorance and unintelligence, I must put an end to my misery. I truly wish I was normal. I wish I could be a retarded sponge like all of you. I wish I could have the same conversations day in and day out about sports, politics and “how about that weather huh?”. But I can’t.

Sure you’ll see this note and say Rahul’s the crazy one. You have to it’s the only way you can go on thinking you’re sane and your pathetic life is meaningful. Go ahead, call me the weirdo like everyone else surely will. Then, return to your happiness of everyday mindless monotony.

My only wish is that my parents somehow understand that if they had listened to me and tried to do at least half of what I expected from them, this wouldn’t have happened.

I just couldn’t bend that much low.


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25 Responses to The Suicide Note

  1. Guria says:

    Well, Boltzmann had committed suicide because he had misinterpreted the role of disordered state, or entropy in living beings from the second law… But to commit suicide because one is intelligent is plain dumb! 😛

    • dude I think you are wasted. You can be a lot of things I do not know . Intelligent , resourceful, innovative. But one thing you definitely are. That is a coward . in that whole blog og yours you are always pointing a finger at others and reiterating that you are not this because of him or her that your decision of suicide is impressed upon you due to other factors . its high time you accepted the responsibility you have and did what was best for your sake.

      Piece of advice :Watch rocky 1 2 3 4 and 6 and rambo 1 2
      will do you a world of good

    • RSV says:

      so dumb it is…
      but its not completely about intelligence. Intelligence is just an excuse.

  2. Pooja says:

    I ask this to almost everyone -“Why do you want to be normal?” Isn’t it great t be different, stand out in the crowd of silly, lethargic drones.
    You should infact revel in your abnormalness.. Why commit suicide and deprive the world of your awesome wierdness???

  3. Thousif Raza says:

    well dude i came back after so many days… not to see this mate… i can give you all the speeches abt how awesome life is and all abt… but the truth is you gonna do what you gonna do… i just say you yourself said you are a man with reason.. and reason with yourself.. and i hope your parents understand dude… i sincerly hope that 🙂

    take care and keep writing…………..

  4. Nethra says:

    You aren’t dead yet? I pity you. Seriously! Abnormal people shouldn’t live. You are too good to be alive. 😛

  5. B K CHOWLA says:

    You have published a post after a long time. Normal or not—just be yourself.

  6. dela says:

    Shallow lives are almost always the happiest.

  7. kanagu says:

    dude… do what you want…. who is stopping you????

  8. ya i have them and your books too. Am guarding them like a hawk. Please do visit once

  9. SiD says:

    Abhey idiot, I send 5 emails after this post to your id and all of them bounced. I though mar gaya abhi.

    Seriously Dude chill madi.

    and then now that you are alive…good post.

  10. Alive and kicking? Read this post really late. Intelligent people are not normal. And such an abnormality is good to have. 😛

  11. Shilpa Garg says:

    What’s this?? ??
    This is crazy!!
    At one point, I got scared and was reading with bated breath!!

    Recently I read about Illusory superiority. You may like to check it out too!! It could add some new dimensions to your thought process.
    Take care of yourself and stay positive!
    Cheers 🙂

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