The day I proposed her…3

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It was a matter of days before everyone knew of my new quest. Yes, quest is the word they subscribed to Rahul Sharma being in love!! But it was of little concern as compared to the oceans of opportunities that laid ahead. I tried to take everything light and easy. I tried to behave normally, behave as if nothing of importance had has happened. I even decided to ignore those little goosebumps that my stomach succumbed to whenever one of my friends would proclaim that I was no longer single…

Everyone who meet me, would start a flurry of excited emotions: “Awe, how sweet. Finally you have a girlfriend.” “Bhaaiiisahab, Launde ne macha di.” “Hey, you are the one na?…who is now committed.” Good wishes, better wishes and best wishes were showered upon me just like gods shower flowers from the sky. I felt that girls were then seeing me with interesting eyes: My forever dream!!…I felt that my bad days were over.

But there were some who were never supposed to like it. Yes…you guessed it right: Ravi... The very next day he announced that he would be changing his seat. But I was happy inside. “Chalo bala tali.” I said, “I will miss you mate.” just for the formality and to add some spice and red chilli to his agony. I had lost a foe and a friend…

A Flashback: Mountain Shadow, Guwahati, May, 1995.
A chubby and rather pink-cheeked boy is standing on a bicycle…yes standing, for he doesn’t know how to ride it…there is some one behind him…his father perhaps…He tells him to put one foot on the bench nearby and the other, on the paddle. The boy hesitates, for he has never done it before and he is afraid that he might fall. The father encourages him: “Don’t worry son, I am here…” And the next second the boy is on the bicycle…alone…riding it…

There are many things that happen in your life for the first time. Like: the first bicycle you ride, the first time you go to school, the first time you smoke, the first time you get beaten up by your father and the first time, you fell in love…

Yes, I was in love for the first time…true love and for the first time it was being reciprocated…We would roam about in the parks and the malls…hands in hands… talking endlessly about those beautiful things like: “Who are better: boys or girls?, Which color suits her the best?, What should we do to make our love better?, What are Vishal (click to know) and Swati doing now they are like love-birds like us?”…hundreds of such questions and thousands of their answers…We would text each other so that the other one doesn’t forget the other…there would be phone calls longer than Lord of the Rings …the bills longer than toilet paper they use in western countries…I said to my father that my coaching  institute had started the service of mobile-problem-solving…

And there was Cannaught place, yes…my dream come true…I had my own bird now…walking beside me…My Lady Gouldian Finch…there were ice creams and there were pigeons…yes… I love those moments…the REGAL…the CCDs………no McDs no..she never liked them…too much rush to have a private talk..

Time rushed on..moments passed by and hours galloped into months…soon we finished eleven months of our love…our love for which even eleven lives would seem so less…
And soon came our anniversary…one year into a committed relationship..we wanted it to be special…we wanted to celebrate sure..and we had planned it long before..yes for that was the time I was going to KISS her…for the first time…

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7 Responses to The day I proposed her…3

  1. Sid says:

    woah dude that was the ossumest narration ever… for some reason, i joined in late. So going backtracking for the one. 😀

    but this one…kudos to the brilliant narration…:D

  2. "kapsunforgettable" says:

    where is the next part of this lovely story … ??

  3. " kapsunforgettable" says:

    where is the next part of this lovely story … ??

  4. Mee says:

    “B> I> R> D”?

  5. Anshul says:

    nice 1 dear…..

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