I felt like..

I thank Blogadda and its ‘Whack!! this Wednesday’ contest. Click on the link to know more about it.

There have been many incidence in the author’s life in which he had shown example of extreme control and patience by not whacking someone hard.

It was a Sunday morning and I was driving, on my bike. The atmosphere was cooler than usually it is on a Delhi summer. I was happy and the mood was good. I was thinking about my girlfriend… But, then the vehicle in front of me farted out on my face a whole cloud of dark smelly smoke. I felt like…


It was the marriage ceremony of my cousin and I was dancing in front of the bridegroom and the mare. There were people like me, of course: dancing, singing, and clapping. And there was a beautiful girl too, smiling and clapping at the awesomeness of my dance. But then a young boy came in between us. He prevented her from watching me and I felt like…


I was playing with my boyfriends on the local cricket turf. The turf was on a famous park of the city and we, of course, were the famous teams. I was like hitting sixes and fours and then watching the ball disappear in the crowd of  trees and men. The men had sticks in their hands and they were walking on the lanes. But some of them did not. They had axes and were cutting trees. I felt like…


It was my fifth day on the license office. I was expecting my LMV driving license in two more days. There were many people like me who had been coming everyday to get their driving licenses. Just then a man came with his child who by any chance was looking a minor and asked where the first counter was. After some time he came to the last counter and gave the officer the address where the driving license was to be posted. I felt like…


It was the usual lecture of our boring MD class. The prof was scribbling something nonsensical on the board. But then a phone rang and started singing “Amplifier“. The prof gave a harsh look at me and gave me huge lecture on “why not to bring my cellphone to the class“. Time passed by and the prof stopped staring at me. But again, once again, the phone rang. But it was “mere sapno ki rani” this time. The prof took his phone and talking loudly on the phone in front of all of us. I felt like…

come on

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4 Responses to I felt like..

  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    Laughing out loud at the second one. 😀
    And you should have certainly whacked the third one.
    And the other 3…yeah, whack karne ka banta tha!!
    All the very best for the contest.
    Cheers 🙂

  2. kaustuv says:

    keep entertaining dude.. they were gud…

  3. Hey…..Check the posts in this contest…….someone wanted to whack for the mobile phone usage….hehehe……….
    liked all the episodes , particularly the tress one with axes……..

  4. hey whats your myspace page.

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