SEVEN DAYS-A tragic love story…

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LOCATION: Karol Bagh, Delhi
TIME: 6 pm

The mobile phone was discreetly trashed into the pockets.
Insidiously smirking masks were trying to understand the possible reason behind his unusually gloomier visage. With all his might, which he still somehow possessed, he tried to contain the impetuous outflow of emptiness. He tried to conceal it from other cautious eyes. His own eyes were blurred, unable to ascertain that dreadful merry-go-round, those brutal children had started laughing monstrously. He was downhearted. His heart, unable to comprehend what had just happened, was vehement, as well as silent. The practical part of him tried to persuade the same thing, helplessly argued with himself to forget it.

Under the outlandish weight of those drooping shoulders, his legs were reluctant to carry him forward. The brutal doctor…an X ray report…a big round hole…and just seven days? Yes, just seven days were all he had been offered. Hundreds and thousands of aspirations and desires, and dreams, which he used to dream in some happy moments, all of them were thrashed away…exterminated. What he had thought of offering and what he himself was ascribed. Everything: visible or invisible to his eyes seemed useless, sans any purpose at all. He wanted to escape this ambivalence. He wanted to end it forever.

A familiar aroma entered his nostrils. That morbid fragrance of flowers: roses, which had fancied him so much, which he once rendered to be the eternal emblem of love, of beauty, of friendship and which, he had so meticulously used to make her happy… he had little strength left.

Lurking behind some nagging debris was the thing he was trying to find. Espousing the object between the quivering fingers, he came back to his bed. There was an old table adjacent to it: His father and mother were beaming at him. His father, who had selflessly framed the entire life of his son. His mother, who had taught him how to live for others, how to love. And there was…. He couldn’t go any further. He closed his eyes and..

LOCATION: Vasant Kunj, Delhi
TIME: 6 pm

The mobile phone was inadvertently let dropped on the crimson mat.
Scandalized eyes peered first at the phone and then at her, trying, to comprehend something which they already knew. The feeble dam of her patience shattered into bits of those dribbling drops of tears and, she ran into her room…the room, where she had prepared herself for the day.

A fan whirred above, like the wheels of the time when she was in his grasp. Love was too elementary a word to depict what was between them. But the phone call?, that too on the very day they were to mutilate all those shackles between them?: all those social tribulations which had been preventing them to be one. No. It couldn’t be true.”I will never break your heart and if I ever, I will die.” She felt as if her lungs had ceased accepting any air, as if, they were dead… with her very heart, which had stopped itself from throbbing anymore,too weak without him, who once lived in it.

But the fan continued with its whirring..nonchalant of her pain, of her desire to destroy it. With herself…

Even if it was true, even, if he had left her forever for the girl his parents had chosen for him, there was no purpose for her to live. to reminisce his memories everyday and… die. She wanted an exit, a permanent vent out to the world without pain. And she knew what it was. But she also knew from within, that he could never betray her, never leave her alone…he must be having some problem. Yes. Perhaps the stomach pain he had been facing. Yes..that must be the reason. But even then, what she would do without him? She switched the fan off and…

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32 Responses to SEVEN DAYS-A tragic love story…

  1. Hitesh says:

    I told you then…….and now again………i love this one…………….

    how easily you induce that sadness to the story…………….and with those words……it easily passes on the readers……………even i hope every story had a happy ending…………but not every story is a “Cinderella Story”

    great work bro ……………. \,,/

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  4. Shilpa Garg says:

    OMG!! I am numb…. So very heart-rending.

    Loved the way you have narrated and expressed.
    Cheers 🙂

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  6. Really sad, sometimes it becomes difficult to tell the truth.

    A beautifully narrated tragic love story…

  7. Niveditha says:

    Oh sad… Painful! But you’ve done your job well! 😀
    All the best! 🙂

  8. Pal says:

    Gosh…so sad… but yes, shows you have done a great job of the post 🙂

  9. OMG…. !!!
    Very sad;
    especially stories involving grief, death or destruction will be sad but you made it to feel the sadness

  10. dmanji says:

    So Sad ….. well written this one….

  11. Smitha says:

    That was beautiful! The pain and the saddness comes through so well.. Just makes you wish that something, just anything could make everything better..

  12. B K CHOWLA says:

    it is a beautifully written piece.

  13. The Fool says:

    That was good. You were really able to weave sadness with words. The tragedies section seems to be the toughest battle on BPL – little to choose among the entries.

  14. Arif says:

    Your “and…” were the perfect endings both the time! Written superbly!

  15. Rajlakshmi says:

    that is really tragic… brilliant narration… no emotional drama… but still very powerful…
    ‘and’ at the ending really cut through me… made a wonderful read…

  16. Gyanban says:

    This is a nice read – I liked the scene construct and mood build up.

  17. Pawan says:

    I loved the ending 🙂
    A nice little atmospheric post I must say 😀
    Well, we’re both competitors now, I too selected the tragic story.
    Good luck mate!

  18. That was a sad tale Rahul… But it’s tooooo good, as always. The ending was very nice.. the way you ended it saying “She switched the fan off and…”. Narration really was good 🙂

  19. drbillmackin says:

    I really interested in your post. Actually I posted a similar related article in my blog regarding this issue. What is your opinion about it?


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