Sunglasses over the mascara’ed  eyes, the protective huge round square triangular hexagonal shaped Rayban  goggles. White blue red brown black violet green orange and pink tees and shirts and tops and I don’t know what they are called. Blue black brown red orange pink jeans and skirts and shorts and trousers. And an air of tension over the hugely sun-screen lotioned faces…

Hairs drowned with sticky transparent non-sticky gels. Spikes bald curly women-like-long tomboy cowboy styles. Shirts and tees. Trousers shorts and jeans. No. not skirts. And a nauseating smile fluttering on the face. Impression: A class. Talks: A class. Etiquettes: A class. Sweat: A class.

This is the common scene the skeptikal observer observed during his stay at the hallowed portals of Delhi University. Yes you are listening it right. After the (self proclaimed) AWEsome three years in the lands of maddus, haddus ghissus bakars cognis thomsos and canteen, yours truly has decided to take refuge in the world famous University of Delhi: the world of drams action youngistaan and I want to know what. Three whole years of mis-graduation and again in the first year: sure to be the grandfather of his compatriots, the skeptikal observer is not confused. Excerpts from the exclusive interview he gave to the principal of Ramjas:

TSO (aka RSV): Sir, please sir, you know sir, I have studied in IIT Roorkee, you know IIT Roorkee right, the world famous engineering institute of the world?

Principal of Ramjas: Yes, yes, tell me I don’t have time. Be quick. What is your problem then?

TSO (aka RSV): Sir I am brilliant student and I am clearing the minimum cut off for the college and I want admission in your college. (When should I start coming?)

Principal of Ramjas: (scribbling something on the paper) you want admission. Ok..then pay the fees!! It is seven thousand. Ask the clerk. He will tell you where the counter is.

TSO (aka RSV): (making sure that the principal gets his attention) But sir, I am from IIT Roorkee sir. I am not one of those simple students. My case is different. (An air of pride)

Principal of Ramjas: (still scribbling something on the paper) how much is your gap?

TSO (aka RSV): three years sir.

Principal of Ramjas: You can’t get admission in this college then. Don’t waste my time. Pujari…get me that file.

TSO (aka RSV): (the WTF expression) but sir, you just said sir… to pay the fees sir and sir I am from IIT sir. Please sir; it is a question of my future sir.

Principal of Ramjas: You are from ITI, so what. You will not get admission in my college. (Police wale bulaaoon kya?) It’s against the rules. I can’t do anything son.

TSO (aka RSV): (brr… brr… brr…)

Principal of Ramjas: What?

TSO (aka RSV): Oh, nothing sir. Thank you sir. Thanks very much. Good day sir. (dekhloonga sir)

After that incident TSO went to Hansraj College and secured a seat in BA (hons) English. He is now happy that at least, he got a seat in DU.

P.S. This is a comeback post.

P.P.S TSO couldn’t stay away from his blog for long.

P.P.P.S TSO is sorry for the good bye post and will be deleting it.


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