Indian Institute of Politics

Indian Institute of Politics. I know it’s a weird idea. But think about it. What if there is an institute to formally train politicians? Think about it…


  1. A graduate student is eligible to apply for this two year course.
  2. He will be given direct entry into civil services.
  3. Students can form allied parties after graduating. But each party should have representatives from all the main branches like economy, renewable resources etc.
  4. There is no boundation for people to follow a particular religion but there will be no religions of any kind either it be of lower castes of higher castes.
  5. Tell me if there should be any


  1. No criminal will be eligible to stand in elections.
  2. 100% literacy rate in parliament.
  3. No displaying of shoes during sessions.
  4. India’s resources will be used for better (unlike IITs)
  5. Fair government ( I think)
  6. No Bharat bandhs
  7. No statues
  8. No corruption (?)
  9. No delays in making the pan-wala netas understand the policies. (Policies are made by their PAs)
  10. Tell me if there should be any


  1. Tell me if there should be any
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17 Responses to Indian Institute of Politics

  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    If they read the Pros given by you, any govt in power will not give recognition.

  2. Rahul says:

    It is an amazing idea. Practically it might not be possible. But if it does happen, that would be the best thing ever to happen to our country.

  3. geekymonk says:

    current politician will be official manager of this…. and they will change all the rule that u thought..

    Making Indian politics second to none is not that easy man..

  4. gayathri says:

    i dont think dat dis helps in eradicatin corruption…bt anyhw da system gets better nd wud b beneficial in many ways 🙂

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  6. Hitesh says:

    rules….we can add more rules………. no one allowed to write a book….especially biographies… will have to give up his/her religion and become atheist

  7. Jasmine Sethi says:

    Hey ….really nice idea
    hope it gets acted upon..:)

  8. Mee says:

    Many of the above suggestions are already part of the mandatory requirements to be standing for elections (I was part of the Janagrahaa Jagore camgn so know)- but does anyone care? Its because people with this criteria don’t stand for elections, why the goons, thugs and jailbirds do!

  9. Siddharth says:

    You Have a Brilliant Idea Indeed……..BUT How can anybody stop the corruption in the hearts of men.Corrupted men go to crime again…..

  10. Siddharth says:

    And the problem with your idea is that to do anything,the bill should pass over from the hands of these people so how will that happen…….Will any person punish himself?

  11. Radhika Sunger says:

    i think thr shud b! strt one rahul

  12. Senthil says:

    we will form the course like this
    In our India 36 Main Department, like Economics, Finance, Shipping
    Prime Minister of India – Three years Course.
    each month training in each Department ( 15 Days theory and 15 Days Practical )
    Example : one man taking training in defense department, 15 Days he read about our security systems and then balance 15 days he will work with soldiers ( Navy, Army, Air-force), then only we will understand our soldiers pain and hard works. finally Defense chief officer will give marks for that person performance. month end examination in each department for theory and practical marks from that department chief officers.
    End of Course – The Final Test – Top Ranked Person will give some practical solutions for national Problems ( Anti-corruption, Black Money) then only we will get final marks.
    Top Ranked persons from all Tests and Examinations, they will stand for election.
    Election Method : Govt will publish about top ranked persons details and performance in Public Media ( TV and Newspapers ) then our peoples will vote the person to administrate our INDIA
    other course for each Department : 1.Shipping Minister on India – One year Course
    Finance Minister on India – One year Course

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