The day I proposed her-The first fight


Do you think that so called fights are necessary for a relationship to blossom in a better way?

The same question the foolish me asked her one day.
“I don’t know. Why?”
“Just asking. Tell me what you think.”
“Mmmm… We haven’t fought till now. How can I tell?”
The next sentence was not released out of the mouth: “Let’s try then.”
Instead: “Leave it….Tell me what are Shweta and Abhishek up to nowadays?”


She was with me. And, as expected, I was into action.
“Easy Jaanu, Don’t rush.”
“I said. Take it easy. I have a lot of time. You can be a bit slower and well, more sophisticated.”
“I don’t know *beep*. But I can’t wait. It’s too good.”
“Look at your mouth. It’s red all over.”
“Don’t worry. It’s tasty.”


The evil eye

Why do lovers fight?

I never wanted to ask anyone such a question. It knew it was bad enough thinking about it.
“Hi Rahul and *beep*, how’s everything going? ….Good Na. I knew it. You two look great. “
After he had thought that we were not listening, to someone else: “Not a single fight, you know. Such a great pair.”



We were chatting. She was at her home. I was away, at my uncle’s house. Summer vacations were on.

11:39 PM      me: knock. Knock.

11:41 PM      she: kaun hai bhai.

me: beebiji, plumbr wala hai.

Apne phne kiya tha?

Batao kya theek karna hai?

11:42 PM      she: nahi kuch hai. Jaao vapis.

me: are kahan jaaon madam?

Aapke bina man hi nahi lagta.

she: hmm..

kab aaoge?

me: are aa jaoonga. Din hi kitna bache hain abhi.

Oh sorry


11:43 PM      she: haan haan tum to ye hi kahoge?

Kya naam batya tha uska?

me: kiska?

she: are whi.

Jiske bhajan tum din raat gaate rehte ho?

11:44 PM      me: kaun. Sonam?

Wo yahin par hai mere saath/

Kyun baat karwaaooon?

11:45 PM      she: sun baad main baat karti hoon.



me: are kya hua?

11:46 PM     she: arrey sheetal aayi hui hai. Bad main. tata

me: okies


I never told you I think. But there is a secret. And a secret I am proud of. I love eating. I become and animal when I eat. And that too Burgers? I am mad about them. Have you seen Pulp fiction? I like burgers even more than Junes Winnfield.

On that day, when I was out with her in an McD, I was hungry, and so I ate burgers. No. not five. But six yes, I ate six burgers. And when I was about to engorge upon the seventh one, red tomato sauce smothering my lips, she stood with a confused (disgusted, she told me later) face and left.

Was it our first fight?

I asked myself while coming out.


12:03 PM    sweetgirl: hi…..

12:09 PM  me: hi….


12:10 PM    sweetgirl: I am neha. wat do u do?

me: i m a student. wat bout u?

sweetgirl: m 2. r u single?

12:12 PM    sweetgirl: u dere?

12:13 PM  me: no.


12:14 PM      sweetgirl: kuchh nhe bas eisi hi ghar pe pak rahi hoon.

Socha ksise se bat kar loon.

Tumhe disturb to nahi kiya?

me: are nahi aisa nahi hai. Wo to aise hi. Koi gf hoti to busy hota.

12:16 PM     sweetgirl: achha to tumhaari koi gf nahi hai? U ras***. sheetal sahi bol rahi


sweetgirl is offline.

This is what I found in my recent conversations section when my cousin bro told me about his very recent tryst with my gmail.

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  1. Mee says:

    heheheh so did you resolve the million dollar question 🙂 suitably?

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