The Eternal Struggle Between Human Beings and Nature

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The branch protruding from a nearby tree over the narrow path ruffles up and down. The monkey takes a momentary shelter on it with his long ape-hands, stares at me with his open mouth for a while—trying to scare me away—making a characteristic sound of a machine that has just stopped working…. I back away a little, making sure that he doesn’t get raged up; trying, to remind him of our old friendship. And the next moment, he is gone.

Between those black rivulets- flowing downstream with slow speed…creating their own little rasping melodies and emanating their own range of numbing aromas; corroborating the fact that we are living in an industrialized world- is the little park I am in. The park is not as little as I have expressed so carelessly; instead, taking the facts into consideration, it is one of the biggest parks of the national capital. But even then, I implore… that you consider this park to be a small one.

“I walk a lonely a road, the only one that I have ever known…”

I wave my hands to the boy I always wave to whenever I am here. He is a good boy, Sahil. He smiles back at me with a radiating smile. I am happy since he is happy and he is happy since I am happy.

“Don’t know where it goes, but its home to me and I walk alone…”

Once upon a time, an old African ape gave birth to another ape that could stand on only two of his legs. He stood on his legs and capping his eyebrows with his right palm, he squinted around. There were trees there; and squirrels, animals, and birds…nothing different of the sort to be excited about. But even then he felt an inexplicable pang of a new renaissance, whose reason his brain was still unaware of; he turned his head and revolved it around in all the directions. May be it did not happen in a break of a moment, but he felt there was something different about his surroundings, he felt an urge to move forward….to see what lied beyond…so he moved out; he moved out with his clan of men and women and children who had also born out of the same African ape; destroying everything that came in their way.

I am not very sad, just a little contemplative. A walk over the small bridge erected over one of the black canals took me inside the park…and has made me numb. Do you think I am crazy, talking like this?

“…Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me ‘Till then I walk alone…”

Yes I am walking alone in the Bandar Park…rightly named after the monkeys…the lords of this park…and I am thinking about man, and nature.  I don’t know whether a change of song would do some good. But…

“Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better…”

Australopithecus to Homo erectus to home sapiens: The journey has been long. Wars, epidemics, diseases, and natural disasters, self-made disasters: man has braved them all.  He knows it himself. But is it a matter to be proud of?

Yes, of course it is. One of them explained it too well: “The one, who is fittest, survives.” Man is of course the fittest of them all, living and living and living and, killing. Yes. Does my point need further explanation?

Are man and nature two completely different words? Is man not a part of nature?

“And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain…..”

I don’t know how the world was when before industries came into being. I don’t know whether it was good or bad. I even don’t know whether the concepts of good and bad were the same then. But there is one thing I do know: the world, as it is today, is not fit FOR ME to live. I capitalize the words ‘for me’. I am not sure about others. In this huge universe of countless objects, even the different units of Homo sapiens are different.

Time overlapped on itself like thin slices of cheese…enveloping between them the various feats of human beings, from wheel to splint wood to swords to guns…nomadic monkeys started understanding that they need not move every time to fend themselves off nature. They developed the art of growing their own food, food at their doorstep. And it gave them time….time to invent some more ways of exploiting nature; and making wars upon each other. Yes, the earth divided itself on the very command of Homo sapiens. It became Germany, it became England and it became USA…and all of them fought with each like anything. One. No. One more time. Two. And as if the second one not enough, man, in his private quest of killing himself, is now on the verge of uprooting the very life from earth.

Development…a significant word they use to counter argue people like me…mad, irrational: they call us; but does development means raping and reusing, and raping and reusing nature?

As if all the units of Homo sapiens are positively affected!!

Even overuse of sweets can cause diabetes (one of the feats of Homo sapiens!), can overdevelopment never be harmful for whom it is being done? We have air conditioners to tackle with heat and heaters to tackle cold. But would they be necessary if we hadn’t produced their need by our misdeeds? Digging a hole (figuratively) and then digging another hole (literally) to refill the first one…A vicious circle…

“…Then you will begin to make it. Better better better better better….”

1411. Where are you Aircel now? Done the job? Got publicity among the public? How much more customers did you get? Save Tiger. Only 1411 left…And where are you bloggers? Was it just another trendy topic to write about? Some words and some cries…and now: gone? Now the current topic is Fifa and Shakira. I know I know it very well: We have to be updated to be a good blogger.  Right?

Am I, am I making some sense here?

I like strolling in parks…as much as I hate walking in malls. This is my choice. But why am I telling you? You have your own choice. You decide what you like.

How stubborn!!

Hey, why are you reading it then? Are you getting something in return? You can stop if you like. At once.

Yesterday, when I was sleeping in one of the rooms of our house, situated near the Bandar park and its two black canals…surrounded by the countless home-made factories and warehouses, dug-holes, pit-holes, sand heaps, waste heaps, bony dogs, dog-shit, I had a strange dream.

In my strange dream, a small boy wearing strange clothes pointed his finger at the strange looking screen in front of me, and said: Grandpa, What is this…this green green THING with a brown support?

I slapped him. My grandson. No. Not out of anger. But anguish…

Time passed on…centuries got lost amongst themselves. There was no sun..You want to speak of earth? No limbs…just fingers…five hundred Homo Sapiens were ensconced inside the five hundred small, fluttering space ships…waiting…for the last star to explode!
Man had finally won it. The struggle.

Or lost it?

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9 Responses to The Eternal Struggle Between Human Beings and Nature

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  2. Poetry sheer poetry…I wish I could write like you…

  3. Pallavi says:

    Very unique style of writing here. Great job on such a difficult topic!

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  5. kanagu says:

    Wow.. So poetic and hard hitting RSV 🙂 🙂 Loved it… 🙂

    The end is quite apt.. we are moving towards that space only. 🙂 🙂

  6. kanagu says:

    I meant sad smiley in the last line 😦

  7. Anshul Varshney says:

    Great way of telling the message of utmost importance!
    I hope it affects at least some of your readers to do the required.
    Current topics might be FIFA or Shakira but as human beings and considering the present environment conditions, “current” topic is and shall remain that of saving mother Earth.
    Kudos for choosing”Boulevard of broken dreams” by “GREENDAY” for this topic, as a day will come when there won’t be any greenry and days will be gone!

  8. you chose a good topic to write on.. Good luck for the contest!! and good to see you back in BPL.. Hope you guys take the cup.. “Grandpa, What is this…this green green THING with a brown support?” – my fav line..

  9. spxyqax says:

    SXFaCy hgzanpdhctuc, [url=]hpjaswoynlst[/url], [link=]oinjlchhwbic[/link],

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