HRC- chapter 1

Am I a misanthrope? Or just a social recluse? Or someone who is too insecure inside to even initiate a formal conversation among whom he feels so secure?

These are some of the questions which have been storming inside my mind for a few days. A new group, a new life, a new start to my all-engrossing quest to study humans and I find myself speechless! People here in Hansraj are quite good, in fact better than what I had expected. They are funny, they seem to be compassionate and they are friendly. In fact, I have even found some, who I think can be my best friends in the near future. But what is it, which is stopping me from going further? May be my not so sweet past…

It is more than clear to me that what I am being is simply an object of wonder. I am with them…and I am not. I laugh at their jokes, I try to listen to their conversations, but I never answer or even give a stifle. I know it creates confusion in their minds. Is he a misanthrope? Does he think himself different from us? No I don’t. It is just…even I don’t know the reason why I am acting like that…

One thing is for certain. The male population is a minority here, just the opposite what was there in R-land. Maybe it is a reason…may be you don’t know how to behave with ladies…No. I know that. I know how to show manners to girls. But yes, I agree there is insecurity. Leave that. Things will get in shape by themselves…

HRC is definitely a great place to be in. Seniors here are awesome, and to put in their in own words, must less tensed than those who were in R-land. My classmates, as I have already explained are great. I certainly feel that life, here, will pass in a jiffy.

P.S.: There are a lot of things I wanted to say but then as it occurs, I want my first post of HRC to be short.

P.S.S: I am tagging all my HRC friends (who are in FB) just in case….

Will soon come with a bigger and better post.

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2 Responses to HRC- chapter 1

  1. Anshul Varshney says:

    All the best for your new life buddy!
    Have fun among the fairer sex 🙂
    AND no. The Rahul i’ve known is not at all a misanthrope. In fact he’s one of the most amicable and gregarious person i’ve known.

  2. Hitesh Rawat says:

    i think it’s changes….. no body likes changes but still they are……even though you like the ppl around you….still they are the CHANGE in your life……and it’s a good change… i believe it will become much more easier when this HRC change..will become the usual…..

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