HRC- chapter 2

February is miles away and yet it feels to be so near. I don’t know how many of you understand what I mean to say, but for a reason you shall certainly guess at, I am being cryptic.

The second chapter of HRC would have comprised my experiences with my teachers and the new course I have sheltered myself in; but for this curious yet, interesting observation.

In R-land, even catching a sight of a beautiful bird or rather hot girl (I mean to be straightforward from now on) was a feat to rejoice about, cherish inside as well out, in front of everybody. There would be stories written and then narrated in front of the whole of CKT (*** ki toli, as we used to call ourselves) about those ‘accidental’ and innocuous momentary collisions of eyes and unexpected smiles on the faces. There would be smiles on the faces of listeners, making notes of the particulars to be remembered, and imagining being in a similar fortunate situation as that of the storyteller…..

Then the accusations would break out, and reprimands, and solutions. There would be discussions about how the “DU people” enjoy their lives…how they, the engineers…or being more explicit: IITians, were doomed for life…

Things here are going slowly but yes they are proceeding in a direction. The simple hii’s and hello’s are steadily converting into are yaar’s and after that…yes…..

Young hearts are at work and when they are at work, the nature redefines its laws. Not it is very new. But in fact, it is a tradition that has been going since the very inception of the world. But still, every spring comes with itself carrying a new, a fresh bunch of flowers and these new flowers blossom and spread that freshness that forces even the most intrepid of us to say: wow.

Yet it is not spring and it is not February.

We hope to see more Lovers in the Lover point in due course. Right? 🙂 wink)

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