HRC- chapter 3

I have never done it before.

Analyzing a teacher is an arduous task. You know you may be wrong. And if by a small possibility, if by some very wrong placement of stars and planets of your ever dangling luck, your professor, just by that dreadful chance gets to read the world famous blog of yours!!

I take the risk.

MM: The perfect what you call, a professor, yes it is the word I ascribe to our teacher-in-charge. When I first met her, during the admissions, I was pretty much apprehensive that she might turn out to be that strict, unrelenting oldster who will scold you at every moment you raise up your hand to ask some silly, out of the world question. But she turned out to be quite friendly. In fact, in a very short period of time, she has laid a great mark upon me. I won’t describe that mark of course but yes, she has some ideas to offer if listened to carefully. I don’t know why but I just want to explain things as she does. No I am not a fan of hers. A student should not be a fan of his/her teacher.

AD: The ‘young gun’ and the only male professor. He explains things in a wonderful way. In fact I dare say that his speech and that uncanny smile tend to mesmerize some girls. Famous for his Xeroxed notes and his use specific use of the words like “discourse” and “quote-unquote”, Mr. AD is one the most favorite teachers of our class.

NS: I have not attended many classes of hers. But I am sure that for a fact that she is a very versatile teacher. Famous for her translation of the Home and the world, this scholar seems to be a great fan of Toba Tek Singh from amongst the short stories of our course. There is much to learn about her.

NK: The perfect what should I say stimulator. Yes, even the subject she teaches us requires that. But she is commendable. She won’t say a word and she would explain what lies at the hindsight of the text. ‘We’ work during her classes. And she makes us to do it in the right way. One particular theory of hers i.e. “everything is Grey” has affected me the most.

PD: This seemingly young teacher seems to overshadow her own age. But for a change, I should report here that she is not very much audible at the back side. And for me it becomes a bit difficult to analyze her. But things take time and I am sure I can’t judge a person from just two or three meetings.

RS: She is our philo teacher and she looks like a perfect philosophy teacher. There are many principles she teaches about life and there are many songs and poems and daily soaps she uses to elucidate them. I like listening to her because she gives me some ideas to write about and yes, implement them in my life.

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