HRC- chapter 4

This chapter I write with great confusion. Since for a fact I know, I actually don’t understand the norms followed by the world. When I was a child I never thought about these seemingly foolish things. But today, as I know that I am old enough to lay my hands on the more complex facets of life and can from a point of view, experiment with things; I find myself helpless; for experiment is something we do when we have a clear idea of the standard procedures. I sometimes, find myself socially underdeveloped.

Words are something that can never be retrieved back. Every young adult knows this simple fact. Even I know it. But it does not stop me from uttering nonsensical nonsense in perfectly normal situations. It is like I tend to make normal things abnormal through the unrestrained and thoughtless misuse of tongue. I am aware of my problem. I know that I am extremely emotional. I think more than I act and I brood more than I think. I think when I eat, I think when I sleep (that is the reason behind the permanence of my insomnia), I think when I sit and I think, when I poop.

There are various kinds of people in my class as there are many kinds of people in the world. Some are vivacious, some gregarious, some crack great jokes, some laugh greatly at those jokes and some, just stand and listen and seldom react. I for one, belong to the last category. Thoughts come to my mind, some reactions to the issues being raised during the discussions; but they are usually late. And before I make up my mind to make some contribution to the topic, the topic itself gets changed. Some may say I am introvert; that I understand the value of words. But, does that make me happy?

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