This is actually the answer to an assignment given by my teachers in which she asked us to write a prose-poem. My friends of HRC are open to open criticism.

Do this and do that. Don’t argue with me. I am elder to you. How many marks did you get in your exams? Children should listen to their parents. What? Just 92? And only 88 in Mathematics? Those were some days. I had warned you against befriending with Rohit. Look at Sahil. He is hundred times better than you. If someone asks you on the phone where is your father tell him that I am sleeping. Don’t finger with that bottle. Stand straight. Are you trying to lie to me, your father? This is what I have taught you? Why did you come so late? Look at Sahil. He is hundred times better than you. Take a book. Read it from line to line. I won’t get you the new bicycle if you fail to get 95% marks. No. Not internet. I know what children see these days. No. I can’t trust you. You got just 92. Look at Sahil. He is hundred times better than you. I am providing you all the best facilities. In our days we used to go to school on feet. Five bloody kilometers away. This young generation you know. Hmph.  No. No games. No guitar. What will you do with guitar? No. That’s my final decision. There are books to enjoy. Look at Sahil. He is hundred times better than you. What? What do you want to do? What BA? You want to be a teacher? Look at Kapil. He earns 2 lakh rupees per month. Look at Sahil. He is hundred times better than you. Who will marry a teacher? It is the fashion of engineers. Understand. Hello Mr. kapadia, you know my son got 94.8%. Bloody board-walas. They suck the students’ sap and not give them marks. Good. I am happy with you. But try to improve upon your English. Just 91? Tuck in your shirt. I am your father. Call me sir in front of others. Look at Sahil. He is hundred times better than you. Sahil got 93 in English. You want to do IIT na. Take this. My hard earned money. Only FIITJEE. Study hard. I want to see you over that Sahil. Understand?

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9 Responses to Boy

  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    It is true that it is being unfair on the students.But, can we get away from the fact that competition is at our door steps and the students just have to gear up.
    Yes, this may not be case if one is —from a political family .

    • RSV says:

      Chawla sir, what I want to say is not run away from competition. But get inside the competition in which you can excel.

      • Anik Ghosh says:

        You know, India would been a much better place like that. We have a population of more than a billion and still, we don’t have good politicians, not enough doctors, teachers… and the list goes on.

      • Anik Ghosh says:

        By the way, you changed the theme, right? Which one is it? The new one which they launched? It’s quite cool. 🙂

      • Supriya batra says:

        i really agree wid u on ths point one shud study whatever interests him/her n try to excel in that !! beautifully written …. :):):) n d way u spoke ths wid d expressions …excellent!!

  2. Anik Ghosh says:

    @Mr. Chowla – Competition is at our door steps??? The only competition there is, is to get into IIT. There is hardly any competition except that.

    Consider my school, there are 5 sections and 3 of them are for science students and 1 each for commerce and arts. And among 45 students in my class at least 35 (including me) are going to some IIT coaching class (same for the other 2 science sections as well). Also, the strength of the arts (and commerce) section is almost half of the strength of our section.

  3. sweta says:

    Liked the way you narrated what a boy goes through. 🙂

  4. apoorv says:

    dats what i call…..SAXY…;)

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