How to make a boy friend

Sometimes, I feel that I have become a kind of love-guru. There are many girls around me who never ask me out but ask me how to proceed to ask their boy friends out. It freaks me out sometimes. But then, you know, its a great learning experience for me. I am getting to know so many things about the minds of women. And it will help me later on when…. 🙂 Will it? (Girls are you listening out there?)

Nevertheless, these are some of the points that I have noticed. It is a very basic tutorial and I will be adding to the series regularly.

Finding the boy: The first thing a girl looks out is a boy. Nice, handsome, well mannered, die-hard party animal, quiet somber book-lover, hot-shot, athlete. The choice is yours. First of all make yourself sure about the things you want in your boy-friend. It is never a good idea to regret later on. For a starter make friends with many of them. It always better to have different options. 🙂 And don’t spill out to them your intentions at the very onset. And yes, looking for a boyfriend just because you feel insecure (i.e. you want to look good with someone by your side, all of your friends have boyfriends, you just like being liked, etc.) is a recipe for broken hearts and wasted time. This could really hurt the guy who becomes your boyfriend. Remember that Appearance isn’t everything: the hottest guy isn’t necessarily the nicest guy. All boys are different, so choose the one that you think has a nice personality and can make you happy.

The first move: After you have decided the boy you want to be your special buddy, start interacting and try to find out more about him. May be his friends will help. Remember, there is always a boy who is his best friend and whom your target always tells everything (not everything may be but most of them). But in the process make sure that his best friend may not fall for you.

Going out (with friends): It is always beneficial for a girl to go out with a man for the first time along with other of their friends. Don’t be in a hurry. Time is with you. By this you will be able to observe more and know him better. He may feel pressured or uncomfortable if you ask them out on their own.

Don’t wait for him to make a move: If he is interested then he will want to take the relationship further and become more than buddies. If he doesn’t and you feel as if you have known him long enough to be close on that level, then make that move girl! If he says no rudely, you know that he was never interested in you anyways, so no harm no fouls. If he is unsure, don’t push. Keep your friendship. Practice with a mirror saying what you will say and how you will say it. Keep your diction clean and crisp, so he knows you’re sure about this big step. Don’t be bumbly! Just get it over with and you will be reaping the rewards, or learning from a valuable experience. Be bold, just go to him and ask him: “Want to go out sometime?” or something like that, and if they say no, you will have to be ready for that, because not every boy or guy will say yes to you.

The First Date: If everything goes in its proper place, I hope that you would definitely know what to do. Just remember that an extreme lot planning does not help. Let the things go on their own. If you are bound to him, things will make up for themselves. And if he is really not the type of guy for you, nothing won’t make any difference.

Be yourself/ never be pressurized: if he falls in love with someone who isn’t the real you then there will be heartbreak. Moreover he may think you’re acting fake and this will deter him from liking you. Also never let him get you down if he is trying to change you. Break up with him. He obviously doesn’t love you if he is trying to change you. If you feel threatened or pushed to do things you don’t want to, end your relationship, no one has the right to make you feel that way. If he tried anything too dirty, let him know you don’t want to do it in the nicest way possible, unless you agree (don’t agree if you feel pressured or intimidated by the suggestion) and want to do it too.

Make sure you keep your friends close: It’s never right to lose them for a boy, Because if you break up with you boyfriend then you won’t have anyone beside you.

Talk to the person as much as possible: Talk to the girls too, they will help you figure out how much is enough. Never gossip about other girls to him, guys hate that. It will bore him. If/when you tell him you like him, don’t forget to be positive! He may either be totally be into you or maybe not.

Don’t get upset if a relationship doesn’t work out! There are plenty more fish in the sea. 🙂

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