HRC-chapter 6

There are a large number of people in our class. Many of them come to attend college every day. Many of those many I happen to know by face. There are some whose names I have finally learnt; some I know are my friends, and there are a few of who are a little bit more…

The cubes of sugar, with their peculiar shapes and sizes, and different planes of crystallization, when introduced into the liquid for the first time, were dubious. They were in an inexplicable dilemma as to whether they would be accepted by the liquid, the to-be-master of their fortunes. They wanted the water to salvage their identity from itself; and they also knew it, that they would have to be destroyed to be helped so. They wanted to be dissolved into the water to prove that they were pure…

Today, I, with a respectable amount confidence, can say that—to a certain degree of accuracy—I know most of my friends. But to err is human and assertions about human behavior are relative. But I feel contented, a divine, phantasmagorical contentment, by telling myself that I know people. They are not like usual experimental objects to me, though. I can perceive their pulsating temples. But I always tend to study people around me; a mere whim, an assignment I assign to myself whenever I join a new community. It is, as I like to say in my words, is the defining characteristic of the skeptical observer.

Initially they were doubtful; the cubes, they were not sure whether they would successfully dissolve into water. Then the doubt turned into confusion, they cried at their own impassiveness. They knew they had to take initiative. They knew that they had to submit themselves to the moving molecules of water around. The tried to make sure that they were duly noticed. But despair. At one point of time, they even conjectured that perhaps, the liquid was not water after all; and that, they did not belong there…

Pranav: The Daddy
The best thing about this highly energetic guy is his sensually charming personality. He maintains himself well. He talks eloquently. I like his simple, straight and to the point talk. He is honest. No. Not only in the usual sense. He is honest to his own position he has created for himself in the group. His is our Daddy. He takes care of our group. I don’t exaggerate here. He keeps us on toes. Pranav is one of those people I respect from my heart. And there are very few of them from my world. He is sensible. He makes a lot of lame jokes. He is definitely attractive to the girls. He knows his strengths. He is a natural leader. He will be successful someday. I am sure.

Apoorva: The happy go lucky person
Yes. He is a happy-go-lucky person. He adjusts well. That is an important feature. He is a national shooter. But without mentioning that I can very well assert that he is well balanced. I don’t know how many of HRC readers will make any sense out of it, but he is very serious inside. All of are deep within. But not many can conceal it for too long. I respect Apoorv for his sheer beautifully charming personality. I couldn’t find a better word for beautiful. Apoorva believes in enjoying life. And enjoy does he always. But remember dude, people can see beneath the layers. You are more than what you show to the world.

26th august 2010. Today was a day no different from others. We had an MM class. We were taught the marriage customs followed in eighteenth century Britain. And we were “surprisingly” told to complete our novel. Then came the usual “neem ka ped moment”. We huddled ourselves beneath the “imagine’d” meeting in the hall of imagine (an independent society ‘single-handedly’ formed by none other than Ananya). Ananya made a mental note of holding a serious meeting there on Saturday. The group started its usual session. It started with a few jokes coming out from the Abhimanyus and the Adityans. Ananya explained the adventure of the “lord of the handle” with much enthusiasm. Gurleen was also there. In her usual sophisticated composure. The jokes that were coming out were not that ‘tickling’. So Kanchan was not so effusive. Pranav was not there. Ash (I would rather prefer Ass because Ash is not a very good word) was away in her school. She had been invited as the chief guest of her school. Kanpur’s Ekta was present. She is a new member of our prestigious group. We started discussing as to what we would do in our spare time (we had to wait for the 12:20 class, for AD L:(). It was unanimously decided that we could not waste our time so easily. We stormed our minds for the same. But I don’t know from where it came. But an idea did, and it was to go to the very famous “scary castle”…yes the bhoot bangla…and in few more moments, our new class representative Natasha announced that AD had canceled the class.

Abhimanyu: eccentricity at its best
His Holiness, Mr. Abhimanyu Govind is the most famous person in the college. Rumors are there that he has been elected by the people to stand for the elections. But of course that is codswallop. He is just another meek human being who has been a prey of political humdrum. I don’t know why but it’s hard for a mortal like me to judge the character of His highness. He is stylish. He is amusing. He is serious about his studies. He is a great musician and sings mercilessly. He is a natural prankster. He takes care of girls. He takes care of their emotions. I know you will say that I am being too harsh on him. But he is bare. And racous. And that is what is appealing about him. Keep that racousness dude. You will go far.

Numbers were dialed and phones were ringed. Scary castle…the soon to be haunted target by the group. An unusual curiosity started exhibiting itself. Information was gathered. Surreptitious conjectures were surmised. There was excitement in the air…mystery adding to it….making it, more spicy. I had a quick visit to my past when we, as kids, used to play hide in seek in the legendary khandar. Ghosts, monsters, wandering spirits and whatnots…we were sure we would find all of them. We wanted to be haunted…

The Khandar

And then came the time when they started mixing up. One cube into another. Water was the force behind it. Making them move, into an abstract motion and allowing them to collide. Warmth helped…yes…there was warmth in the way they treated each other. They finally came to know that it was actually water, that they were finally dissolving into…making themselves liquid…mingling into it forever…Bliss…

Adityan: the witty Jester
He is the most versatile persona of our group. A complete joker. He knows how to make even the gloomiest of flower to come alive. He has a natural knack of making you laugh. And that in his company you find yourself nothing but laughing. But that is not always true. He is not a perpetual buffoon who does not anything else. He is very serious at heart. And sentimental. He knows what goes inside the hearts of people. He is a superb singer. He has got talent. My best wishes with him.

But then Apoorva informed us that scary castle does not ‘open’ before 11:30. That surprised us a little and its image was twisted into a strange mode. A queer sadness spread over our group and we sighed…But Ananya, the commander in general suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. She said that we should have some pictures with her camera. So we sat on the steps, near the basketball ground…But the plan was soon dropped below on the tiles and we started chatting. We had ninety minutes to kill and we had Mr. Adityan Nair aka Rajneekanth with us…..

To be continued…..

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  1. pra nav says:

    good……. we r waitin for the real thing… bhootbangla

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