HRC-chapter 8

Anything to explain here?

Where are your teeth girls?

Gore gore mukhre pe kala kala chasma

We are standing 'straight'

OK. I missed. I missed it. I missed it terribly. For today, I was in no mood to be in my senses. Let it loose. Give some space to yourself. Laugh. Enjoy. Dance. And Drink. Daddy joined in too. Apoorv made it possible. I was the master. Got me?

OK. Let me ‘tell’ you a poem.

A woolen scarf on the head
A goggle made to fit into the scarf…kind of tashan
Checked shirt and torn jeans
One sock as glove on one hand
White pair of shoes
One sock covering the jeans
On the other hand, a red mauli and black wrist band….chain on the palm…..and make-belief taabeez on the biceps

Getting any picture?

OK. I am not in my senses. But who needs senses when the party in on. No. Not actually a party. But yes a party. The freshers’ party.

Venue: Room no. 29

Theme: Fashion disaster. (Don’t get it? Well it’s like you have to be terribly away from fashion)

The vodka was at its work and we too, were. The whole time passed in jitters amongst yo’s and boo’s. Everyone enjoyed it like anything. I too enjoyed it. But frankly speaking I find my memory to be too brimming with happiness that I find myself utterly helpless to reproduce the details here.

But let us look at some other eminent people

Daddy: Yellow full sleeves T shirt. Completely tattered jeans. Awe-some glares. And a flaunting ties.
Adis: Purple thoroughly holi’ed jeans. Bequeathed from his father’s father to his father and then from his father to him. No. The eyes would simply neglect to look over that. The jeans are a legend.
Apoorv: Green jeans. A classy Pink (Floyd) T shirt. A tie of his school.
Arsh: A long green T shirt. Mustard brown T shirt
Me2: A stark red shirt. A black flaunting shirt. Ties.

A cowboy hat. Pink eyelids. And a long Ghagra. From the west of America to the west of India. So much variety and so much make up? Yes. Let me present you with none other than Ashwarya Samakaria. But wait. Do you think its strange? What about blue school going girl’s ribbons, red front faced bent goggle, a whole lot of malas and motis covering the entire black tee with a golden waistband? And as it was not enough. Some red and blue bangles which remind you of Anil Kapoor‘s gift to Madhuri Dixit in some long forgotten movie. This is Ananya. Things don’t get better thereafter. Take Ms. Gullu for example. She is wearing a Hanna Montana T-shirt, well complemented with blue red yellow bangles. Your own desi Miley Cyrus(i). And Ekta? Our own Ekta from none other than Kanpur? She is wearing yellow T shirt and a flaring salwar. Kind of modern bahu. Ektaji’s die hard fan she must be. And now Navdha. She is the cutest girl of the class (as per Supriya, her love interest). Normal clothes? She came without expectations and went away with smiles.Now The Natasha. She is looking The Dude in that black Tee and red tie.

And have a look at the pics as well.

Make way. we are coming..

Jara nazaroan se kah do nishana...

Bijli girane mein hoon aayi kehte hain mujhko hawa hawai

Haan abhimanyu pata hai ki hum photo kichawa rahe hain

Me and my...

Anna rascala..

Yo Daljeet

ha ha ha....

we are not trying to kiss each other


have you noticed Ash hands.They never get off her waist

girls girls everywhere


kyunki hum door nahi reh sakte, btw very nice smiles

girls' common room ki silan 😛

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3 Responses to HRC-chapter 8

  1. pra nav says:

    yeah, our sicerest thanks to apoorv for that lethal vodka combo…. got ourselves a wonderful high….

  2. Ekta Batra says:

    Hey Rahul….wanna compliment ur observation…its flawless..nd d description of d freshers party imakes us relive d moment 1nce again……..

  3. Supriya batra says:

    🙂 hey rahul!! naam to suna hi hua hai:):):)
    awesome yaar…nice description..spcly d pics r vry well labelled!!

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