Krishna from a skeptical viewpoint-1

hare krishna.....

Bent-backed and white saried, with their shaven heads and outstretched begging bowls; on the heads: tuning fork shaped ash smear that marks out as disciples of Krishna. You notice them the moment you enter Vrindavan. Vrindavan, the place where, in some ancient times, Krishna had spent his childhood. Vrindavan, which in modern times is nothing more than a dumping ground of widows.

Once upon a time, there was a king named Ugrasen. He used to rule over the kingdom of Mathura. He had a beautiful wife called Padmavati, who gave birth to Kamsa. It so happened that he turned out to be very ambitious and he proposed his old father to be the king himself. But Ugrasen wanted to be the king for some more time. This forced Kamsa to wage an internal war against his only father and he coronated himself as the king.

Now, this made Lord Vishnu very angry. (Now don’t tell me that you don’t know Lord Vishnu. The eternal God who takes birth on earth occasionally.) He made it clear even before his incarnation as the ‘Dark lord’ by an aakashwani that he would be the eighth son of Devaki, Kamsa’s niece and would destroy Kamsa. (This prophecy was of course not made by the lord himself, but do you think that even a leaf can rustle in this world without his permission?)

Kamsa was an ’eminently practical’ man. He decided to keep his sister in prison. Kamsa was a foolish man too. And if he was not foolish, he must have lacked basic knowledge of sexual reproduction. He kept Vasudev in the cellar with his wife. But I can’t question it; of course. May be it was moral obligation on part of a man to respect his sister’s marital life even if he wanted to kill her eighth son.

Nevertheless, one by one, Devaki gave birth to many sons and daughters (I can understand that, the couple didn’t have anything to do in the cellar-age) and one by one, Kamsa, with utmost ‘cruelty’, killed each of them. Kamsa was a very practical man. He killed his possible destroyers in their very infancy. That was very clever of him. But..

To be continued……..

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1 Response to Krishna from a skeptical viewpoint-1

  1. krsnaknows says:

    Sometimes to give an explanation to a simple mind a story is woven, which is called a myth.The true understanding comes after questioning the myth and the beliefs, hence we call it as an enquiry. The quest to know the real meaning of some of the greatest stories, you require an expert or a master who will unravel the truth for you. Keep writing and all the best.

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