13. A hand to hold

A thought, a whisper, a word to hear
We’ll make it through the dark, have no fear

The melody of life flows through us
It is enough to break the curse

Of loneliness, despair and mistrust
And move on to a better world, we must

I want to hear you sing again
And let go of all your pain

To feel and be swallowed in your essence
Just give yourself, give us a chance

Cause you are the reason for my smile and my tears
You are the reason for my faith and my fears

I promise not to let you down
To walk with you always, to always be around…


I have not been a very great fan of poetry for a vague reason that “Why complicate things when they are already too complicated?”. But over the times, there have been some very short and very sweet verses, which were simple in words as well as meanings but which were thoroughly enjoyed by my yet not-so-developed mind. This poem written by one of friends, Smita, is one of them. She may herself say that it is not one of her best but tell me honestly-“Does not its very simplicity make it great?”

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1 Response to 13. A hand to hold

  1. Smita says:

    Thanks Rahul…

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