14. Manyu’s Dhoom-1



DHOOM 2…..’very lovely love story of a thief, the real love story, the movvviiiieeee’

Media Sponsors:  YTUI (Young Th**ki Union of India) & INGLEEZ ONURS KILAAS

Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely intentional

***ing: Apoorv Maurya: as the cool thief                    (refer: Hrithik)

Adityan Nair:      as the smart cop                   (refer: Abhishek….height bhi same to same)

Pra(space) Nav: as the killer biker                   (refer: Uday Chopra)

Gurleen Kaur:     as the charming mastermind (refer: Aishwarya Rai)

Natasha Parti:    as the die-hard shooter        (refer: Bipasha Basu)

Together they make……………DHOOM DHOOM DHOOM DHOOM (Echoing….echoing….abhi bhi….bas kaafi ho gyaa)


Train chal rahi hai…..abhi bhi chal rahi hai….Close-up on a 40 crore diamond necklace somewhere in the compartments of the train….

Someone zooms past the frame……A figures perched on an air-glider…watching the train pass by with a pair of binoculars he had kept somewhere in the pockets of his bag(black colored…..ye bahut imp. hai….why???…pataa nahi film mein aisa hi tha)…(abhi suspenseful music kyon nahi aaya?????….director ne bola hai ke suspenseful saxy music baad mein daalna hai)

The train continues tearing across the landscape in full throttle…..going going……..going…….

The figure closes in for the kill skilfully timing his landing on the roof of the speeding train.

Distance of 3 ft. from the train’s roof(suspenseful saxy music)……now, 2 ft. from the roof (suspenseful saxy music) now, 1 ft. from the roof…….now, o bette ki  jaan?????……..train neeche se gaayab ho gyii…ae ki hoya?????

The figure clad in black lands on the sandy ground as he misses the last compartment of the train which passes by with death-defying speed….back profile of the saxy dashing daring and strong hero……abhi face nahi dikh rahaa…..

Slowly the face begins tilting towards the left and suddenly the figure turns around completely to reveal it’s face…….o bhai saab!!!! O teri jaat ka paida maaroon!!!!!! Theatre mein excited bandiyon ne seats phaadh di…..seetiyaan…seetiyaan…..the saxy hunk in his demeanor saxily saxes….oh sorry!!! I mean speaks…in fact just opens the mouth to say the first line…sending the girls in the theatre rolling on the floor(ROTF) with excitement…..

And then, our hero says, “Kya yaar….Katta ho gyaa yaar.”(music: dhoom dhoom dhoom dhoom)

——————————————————————-SCENE ENDS————————————————————————————

Adityan and Pra(space)Nav are sitting on a round table. An intense(very very very) discussion about the rising toll of robberies in the whole world is taking place….the round table has an umbrella on top of it. The meeting is taking place in a very very very secret place(is story mein sab kuch very very very hai) on the bench just near the Nescafe of our very own L.P.(music: dhoom dhoom dhoom dhoom)

Adityan: Kaun hai ye Mr. A???

Pra(space)Nav: toonda hai toonda

Adityan:hmmmmmmm…….lekin ye kaisa chor hai????

Pra(ab baar space nahi likhoonga)Nav: death defying chor hai bhai……death defying

Achaanak screen blank ho jaati hai…..pitch black….2 sec. baad phir sab clearly dikhne lagtaa hai….Why so??? Kyonki director ka mann kar rhaa tha:DDDD

All of a sudden, Adityan gets this real wonderful idea

*Adityan ka dimaag chacha chaudhary se bhi tez chaltaa hai…WOW!!!!

Adityan: Mujhe lagtaa hai humein is chor ko dhoondhna chaahiye…

Pra Nav: Chalo ek race ho jaaye….Mr. A bhi zaroor aa jaayega…cool chor ko toh race mein interest hona hi chaahiye…aur Mr. A to itna cool hai uske baare ma haiiein toh baccha baccha kehta hai ‘garmi mein bhi thandak ka ehsaas karate ho genius ho tum kya magic chalaate ho’

Mr. A has come for the race…..Adityan and Pra Nav also know that he has come for the race….but they do not arrest him….Why????? kyonki director ne bola hai.

Race begins,,,,Adityan is speeding away to finish line as fast as he can.

Pranav is doing everything except racing…all death defying stuff

Well…coming to Mr. A…..as soon as Adityan raced away from the START chaalaak Mr. A wahaan

Ab, bhai sahab!!! kabhi na dekha na sunaa chase scene…….

Adityan abhi race mein hi hai…..Mr. A chipakne waale boots se group ki deewar taap ke nikal rhaa hai….Why didn’t Mr. A use the gates which were wide open?????…..accha bataao phir wo cool chor kaise banega?

Pra Nav spotted Mr. A escaping…..He informed Adityan. Adityan was shocked and taken aback by the smart move of the cool thief. Adtyan blurts out, “Ab jo bhi ho bhai….ek baar jo maine kar di toh main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta….aur jo maine do baar commitment kar di toh main apne baap ki bhi nahi sunta…….aur jo maine teen baar commitment kar di toh meri hi koi nahi sunta(bataao!! yahaan bhi filmon ka katta kar rhaa hai banda)…Isliye filhaal race khatam karo”

Pra Nav:yo daljit….(music: dhoom dhoom dhoom dhoom)

Mr. A abhi bhi roof pe chadh rhaa hai…..do ghante ho gaye…….na adityan ki race khatam hui na Mr. A roof pe chadhne ke baad neeche utra….kyo???? mujhe kya pataa hukka padha hoga upar.

—————————————————-SCENE END—————————————————————————————————–



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