TDIPH 5 – The Make Up

Caution: This post if full of Philosophy.

The thing about being committed is that you can’t get enough time for your friends. Even if you spend all your day with them, more often than not one of them will always come up with an abrupt expression of sadness over your absence from some joke. They will try to show you that you are no longer required in the group. Mind it, they don’t want you outside of the group. But of course, their new-born jealousy and instinctive slyness shows up now and then.

The above stands true when your girlfriend is not from the same group you hang around with. If, by some unfortunate accident, one of your group-buddies become your girlfriend—you both have to leave the group. Forever.

It was long after that legendary break-up, which this story starts. But this may not be a story after all. But we won’t discuss that now. Enough of Genre discussions!!

There are many privileges one enjoys when he tries to observe everything around him. A skeptical observer can analyze situations quickly. He can form impressions of others quickly. In fact it is one of the things people don’t like about him. He KNOWS what is going on in their mind. This makes them feel insecure. They start repressing their inner self in his presence. But this is applicable in case of those who KNOW him. For people who are new to his telepathic powers may well be more susceptible.

Sometimes the skeptical observer does not feel so HAPPY reading others’ minds, There are not HAPPY things always. There are insecurities within. There are discreet lies which they often tell themselves to hide bitter realities of life. There is continuous jabbering of a confused mind. And there are ideas about his projection in their minds. He does not like it!!

  • Good feelings: yes, it feels nice when you know people think nice of you. You feel contented that you are respected. But who needs others’ opinions? Are you not complete in yourself? Do you really need others to define you?
  • Bad Feelings: who will feel good when he comes to know that others think ill of him? But that is not the thing that makes you uneasy.Prejudice. Yes. You feel like explaining the other person that it is not true. You feel like changing his feeling towards him. But you know you can’t do anything. You know you can’t just change the things around you. You have to act. Yes action… You need to act such that he understands your inner self better.

It is a bitter truth of life, that to live it properly you have to find such approvals from others. It is a sad reality of life that sometimes, you have to crouch down below your own ideals to make others understand what you feel of life and what they should feel about you. I am doing the very same thing now…..

Why they? But why not? They are important to your life. They, with whom you share your happiness and sorrow, they, with whom you feel happy…contented.

The reason of break up was not as foolish as was highlighted in the previous chapter. It was graver. And I don’t intend to explain it to others. I am happy. Thank you *—* for finally understanding me. 😛

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