What is Impulse? An impulse is a sudden urge , an involuntary drive and this is precisely what we wish to create; an impulse. In a world where media is dominated by paid news, the lives of celebrities and superficial art we wish to invoke a better understanding of our contemporary life. Make no mistake,we are not a journal, our target readership isn’t the educated literati. We are but bridge between two worlds. A bridge which ultimately hopes to change what constitutes contemporary media. Beyond simply the content of media, we fully appreciate the role it plays in opinion making. We thus strive to create more nuanced opinions by promoting superior media.

This is exactly what we here from this young bunch of youngsters who have taken up the charge of bringing out a positive change in the current media by starting IMPULSE. By itself a forceful name, Impulse may turn out to be a trend setter in the coming years. Watch out for it. There is something NEW in store for you.



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