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  1. David says:

    How To Meet People You’re Compatible With In A Funny Way

    Swipe right, swipe left, swipe right, left, right, right, left… And, then what? Maybe one says ‘Hi’ and you start chatting?…to find out you have nothing in common. You actually hate what the other loves and you’re as compatible as a bee and a bear.

    Compatibility… isn’t a precise thing. It’s a natural alignment of lifestyle choices and values between two people. That’s what’s missing! You can swipe thousand of photos, but it doesn’t matter. You know nothing about how those people are and, more importantly, if you would get stuck in a place just with them, whether you’ll want to kill each other or become best friends or more. It’s all in the compatibility.

    FinchZee delivers a new way of connecting with people you’re compatible with. How it works is that you set your interest(men, women or both :p), your age range and location and get matched with a person. But here’s the catch, you can’t see any info about that person besides his/her name and age, not even one photo until you play the game to see if you’re compatible with each other.

    Different from any other dating apps, FinchZee puts a strong emphasis on connecting people only if they show similar interests. But unlike other apps like OkCupid that only shows a compatibility meter when looking at a profile, FinchZee makes things exciting & fun by checking this in real-time with a game. Playing the “game of life” means answering three questions that test your way of seeing, living & acting in real life situations. And all this in real-time with your selected partner. After each question you’ll see the others answer and if it matches with yours you get one point. After three questions if you have at least 2 points you win the game and get to see each others photo and info. You can start chatting immediately after this. The nice thing is that after completing those three questions you have some really cool conversation starters that help you break the ice and you also benefit from the fact that being a real-time system that person is online right then so you can chat right away.

    One of my favorite questions was something like: “If you had one day left to live, what would you do?” and the answer I chose “ Leave detailed instructions about the disposal of your ashes” cracked me up. And funny enough, on the other side Rebecca chose the exact same answer. It went on to be a hilarious discussion on this subject. The questions and answers are some of them funny but also serious, giving a clear vision of how that person is and how he/she reacts in real life situations. A strong point is also that they seem to have a big database since I played a couple of dozens of games and didn’t get any question repeated.

    What I really liked about FinchZee was its real-time nature. I got an adrenaline rush by playing the game with real people, seeing how they’re reading the question, selecting the answer and keeping my fingers crossed she chooses the same answer as me, especially at the third question :). I got lucky or better said compatible with a couple of girls. And this mechanism establishes a “common ground” between the two that helps you skip the time lost talking to all kind of people that you don’t have nothing in common with.

    But why the name FinchZee? What’s that for a name? Well.. Surprise! It’s about compatibility. Not that obvious, but it’s a combination of finch & zebra, since the zebra finch has one particular attribute, it chooses its partner based on compatibility… Damn birds, they do it better than us!

    Well, not anymore! FinchZee is all about compatibility and ice-breaking. Get talking to people you actually have something in common with!

    FinchZee is available in the itunes store here: and in the google play store:

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