The day I proposed her..part 2

Please read the first part here: The day I proposed HER

..Being a discipline prefect was never a cup of tea for me. But then, the princi loooved me so much. Moreover I had no other option. She simply called me one day, into her private office and gave me the badge to wear. And when I said what, she said yes. I once again opened my mouth to tell her that the mystery man, who had blasted the teachers’ toilet the previous year, was actually the person standing in front of her. But then she entered the office and I immediately looked down and submitted myself to her (princi, mind it!!)….

…So, my dear princi made me to stand on the entrance to check other students’ shirts, pants, shoes, ties and whatnots. I thought about the classroom. “She must have come by now. Ravi must have come too. He must have greeted her before me.” But I took a deep breath, tried to relax myself and punished a boy by making him stand on his knees because he had forgotten to wish good morning to me…a senior I mean…

Ravi….now, you don’t know him. Right? OK. In the most succinct of forms, I can (safely) say that Ravi was my best friend. We used to sit with other. We used to eat with other. Sometimes we used to ‘sleep’ with each other too. But we were not chuddy-buddies. Mind it. For me, sanitation comes before friends. Rahul and Ravi had replaced Viru and Jay in our school. But there was a problem. And it was that I hated him. I hated him more than our chemistry teacher. In fact I hated him to such an extent that I wanted to break our friendship forever. And I hated him because I somehow thought that she had feelings for him…

…In the English class that day, the teacher decided that it was time for some break and so she made us enact PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. There was no doubt that she would be made Elizabeth. Even Ravi whispered in my ears that she looked amazingly stunning in her b’ day dress. Considering the moment to be apt, I started asking him whether he had greeted her before assembly, but then our teacher saw my mouth open and decided to make Ravi as Darcy (instead of me?). I said what. My teacher asked what what? Then I said OK. And so she made me Mr. Bennet…

I don’t know why but I strongly believe that parents today seldom know what is best for their children. I mean take the example of a 15 year old kid. He goes to school. His parents want him to come first. He goes for coaching. His parents want him to clear all the entrance exams of the world. He goes to cricket academy. His parents want him to join the Indian cricket team. In short, his parents want him to be a studious geek who goes onto represent his country in cricket or in Olympics after getting an excellent rank in IITJEE? I mean what is this?…

But luckily (?) my parents never demanded me of anything. One day, I told them I wanted to join coaching institute to prepare for IITJEE and they said OK. I tried telling them that our neighbor Mr. ( )’s daughter also attended the same institute (who by utter coincidence, is in my class), but they did not listen and pretended paying more attention to whatever they were doing at that time. By the way, did I tell you that she lived very near to my house?…

…After being haunted with a new appellation of Mr. Bennet for all the remaining periods, I decided that giving her my gift just after school would be a useless idea. So I made up my mind to do the ‘rituals’ after coaching classes. “I would also propose her the same time. Evening is the most romantic hour of the day.” I thought. I also decided to neglect the unusually long discussion between Ravi and her at the cycle stand…

A Flashback: Connaught Place, Delhi, August, 2006: I am here in CP. My favorite place to hang out. And guess what? I am here to purchase a gift for my girlfriend…. ??…. OK.OK…. Soon to be girlfriend… There are some more people with me. But they don’t know I have come here especially to get a gift for her. Ravi is in a very pensive mood. “But he agreed to the plan very easily and almost excitedly. What is he thinking so fiercely?” Anyways, we are frolicking around doing the usual thing that we prefer to do when we are here…

A deviation: I tell you a little secret of mine. I am an ardent fan of Salim Ali. I like him very much. And I like him because I like birds. I love them. In fact I love birds so much so that once I had decided to become an ornithologist and not a dentist. It is another reason that I failed to become the latter too. Anyways, it is my unfathomable love for birds that I like to go to CP. There is a whole paradise of birds there. From ducks to sparrows. From koels to hummingbirds. Even birds from foreign lands flock there. But I especially like chicks. They are the best….

Flashback continues: So, I was in CP. With my friends. Doing the thing we like the most. Bird watching. Or rather bird-hunting. Yes…

Another Deviation: There is a very lovely poem by John Keats. You must have read about it, I am sure. Its first line says: “A thing of beauty is joy forever.” I love this line. I like to see birds not because I want to keep them in cage. It is just I want to enjoy the beauty around. What do you call a beauty? Something which arouses your senses. Something which forces you to say Wow. Right? Then tell me, what is wrong with bird-watching if I am a man and I feel good when I see beauty in birds…

Flashback continues: So, I was bird watching in CP. And there was a bird. She was breath-taking. Really. Her perfume completely blocked my nose. But then she was wearing a flaunting black skirt. A huge bag hung over her shoulders. A huger uncle (?) beside her. “Hey, what are you doing?” He barked. And the next second, I was back to my home. Too much observation is actually not good for health….I say….

….So, after the coaching classes, we took our cycle and started going home. I (or me, I am confused?), Ravi, Rohan, She and three other friends of hers. “I will get ten minutes after everyone leaves her. Best of luck.”…

I have this very peculiar theory about girls that most of them want to have boyfriends because they are always in a need of someone to carry their shopping bags and lipsticks and diamond rings. They are in search of some porter. A porter who pays for carrying their stuff. A boyfriend also comes in handy when they are in a mood to see some bull-fight. For fun you know. There are many examples. Ramayana and Sita. Draupadi and Mahabharata. But then it is not always true. They like indulging themselves in cat-fights too. EktaJI being the general. But most importantly they want someone, to shower on, all the love that they have in their larger than large heart…..

..“So….happy birthday…”…”What are your plans for today?”

“Oh, nothing in particular actually. Why?”

“Nothing. Nothing. Just asked.”

(A few seconds of silence)

“Rahul, Do you consider me as your friend?”

“Friend? I love you, honey….”


“Oh, nothing…yes…why?”

“I will tell you one thing but please don’t laugh at me.”

“He he he..”(To show her that I am a funny character!!)

“I think I am in love.”

“What? Shit!! I mean when? How? Who is he?”

“Actually I don’t know whether it is love or just infatuation. I need your help to sort it out.”

“But, who is he?….that Baster….I mean it must be infatuation. I mean it can’t be love. I mean love does not happen at such an age… (Useless argument)”

“You don’t believe in love, then?”

“I believe in it. In fact, I feel that love is the most important thing in the world. The world revolves around it. Only the luckiest of people fall in love. But most of us are not that lucky enough. Not everyone gets the love he deserves from the one he loves. (Like me…). But that is different. Temme, who is that lucky guy? Ravi?….He is good actually….”

(Seconds pass…)(Her phone rings..).

“Listen, I am in a bit of hurry. Will talk to you later.”

“Hey, but wait. I got something for you.”….”It’s a gift actually..” “ I hope you don’t mind.”

“Give it to me tomorrow. I am really late. Mumma must be waiting.”..”BBye.”….

A tear trickled down my nose. I was sad….Quite a day it had been….


You get up early. You feel like sleeping once again. Perhaps you did not sleep last night. Your father is shaving with some white froth on his face. You say good morning to him. He replies with a nod. And then:

“Your mumma found a pink tee-shirt in your bag. Are you in drama or something?”

“Mmmmm…Oh, yes papa…”

“And who is this Lady Gouldian Finch?”


“She sms’ed you.”

“When? What did she… is he actually…what did he write?”

“Check out for yourself. And who is she… I mean he?”

“Just a friend. A drama guy.”

And then you see your inbox. There is indeed a message from Gouldian Finch(CLICK). A message sent exactly at 12 AM…And it reads:

It’s You…


Read the next part HERE.

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104 Responses to The day I proposed her..part 2

  1. Hats Off…. thats all i can…say

    the epilogue was cool… truly a everyone’s story…

    why not write more, Continuing the subject… some fights maybe… 😉

    • RSV says:

      what about some fLights?

      • Nikhil says:

        I Take that, like you are going to mention fights in your next….so waiting eagerly…for it….

        I hope You must have loved fights too….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • RSV says:

          Oh yes that’s a great idea…
          will ask for her permission though 🙂 😛
          pata chala unko likhne baad ek aur mast wali fight ho jaaye..

          btw I meant flight to be some ‘filmi’ elopement..
          hero heroine ko utha ke le jaaye..
          he he

          • oye…. sorry i read that fights( kya karu aaj kal bahot se fights se ghira hu….) …flights kyu … i think normal life is better…..hmmm and if your life is ‘filmi’ well then i will have to read that version then….. 🙂

            • RSV says:

              are yaar don’t think mere saath eisa kuchh filmi hua hai..
              I direly hope ki kisi ke saath na ho……

              best of luck though…
              for fights(?)

  2. Ekam says:

    Aww.. this was sooooo cute 🙂

    “They are in search of some porter. ”
    How mean of you .. 😀

    “they want someone, to shower on, all the love that they have in their larger than large heart…..”
    You are so right 🙂

    So you like bird watching .. Huh 😛

    Yeah. I would also like to read the ‘sequel’ of this story , if you are thinking of writing it 🙂

  3. shilpa says:

    🙂 came to know about another side of you Rahul….

    By the way, we are not in a search of some porter


  4. Guria says:

    Great story, Rahul…
    Lucky you! 😀
    What’s next? 🙂

  5. Lovely Story… 🙂
    So wonderfully written buddy… 🙂


  6. Neha says:

    my last comment – u found it complete? hmmm…there I didn’t say anything about the post though…

    nice and simple and a believable story, well narrated… 🙂

  7. Amit says:

    I’m elated to hear about your romantic stint. I’m disappointed a bit that even after spending more than a good year together ( and a couple of research trips in Delhi), you still never mentioned such thing to me. Sometimes we do miss you here and I believe there is going to be a lot of catching up to do when you arrive here for thomso !!

    • RSV says:

      I thought mentioning this to you could make you a bit more disappointed..

      he he…

      and yes there’s a lot catch during Thomso.. in fact I would bring a tennis ball from Delhi..

  8. Deepika says:

    I loved the last line “Its you”…. Very well written story… I enjoyed reading it 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    just loved reading this one, though written by a man, its sweet(though i nevr intended to mean dt guys cnt b sweet..:P…:D..) , .Yet, i hve tiny objections too….
    May b many girls, but i dont think all girlsthinks their boyfrnds to b porters and banks(as some guys do think also)…n dt larger dan large heart,..hehe..
    N ya bird watching n beauty(things that gives pleasure to our senses)ful things -i liked that thing very much tooo….. Though the last line “Its You” was d most beautiful part….of the piece….
    hope i get to read some more sequels of d love saga…huh..watsay?

    • RSV says:

      yep its true that all girls don’t think their bfs to be porters……
      and plz don’t think that I come in that category of boys! 🙂
      I feel even if girls don’t wish, we boys should become their porters..its actually fun

      about the ‘large’ line, well I wrote just for the sake of escaping myself from the eggs you readers might decide to throw 😛

      yep, its you was the best line I have even heard(or read?) in my life…

    • RSV says:

      but hey U r rimz…
      why dint u write your name?

  10. pramoda says:

    hi rahul,

    good addition to the last being a senior rahul wanted them to wish good morning ..:) ..oko k.. i can understand..:)

    **his parents want him to be a studious geek who goes onto represent his country in cricket or in Olympics

    haha..i too witnessed same incidents with some other parents..i never undrstood..:(.. hey ts good to see u relating the story lines to the facts ..:) makes the writing more interesting..

    **I have this very peculiar theory about girls that most of them want to have boyfriends because they are always in a need of someone to carry their shopping bags and lipsticks and diamond rings….

    hey, if ‘I’ refers to ‘you’..then i have a sugession for you.. please never make such generalized statements especially abt the species called never know which gal heart says what..

    On the whole, i feel good after reading ur story nw..:) Keep writing man..

    • RSV says:

      hey , its not a generalized statement, its just a statement meant to be generalized by those who think its right….:)
      u know i like sarcasm very much 😛

  11. Shruti says:

    Hey Buddy,
    This is sooo cute 🙂
    Loved every bit of it!! I felt like I came out of theater after seeing a Maniratnam film!! 😛 😉
    Never knew this side of urs 😀

  12. Amit says:

    Disappointed ? Why ?

    And could have come up with a better one. Tennis balls !!

    • RSV says:

      disappointed? will tell u when we meet..
      and yes that was a pretty lame attempt…..
      now that u said..
      I will try something better next time 😛

  13. Correct! Parents today have no idea of what their children want, let alone parenting, which is either done in excess or in terrible deficiency!

    And lol on the epilogue!

    So, you’ve moved onto to Wp too! Good luck Rahul!

    • RSV says:

      yes, its the pressure of parents which forces children to do what they don’t want to do…it leads to decrement in creativity in most of the cases…

      yes sir, I thought wordpress would be a new experience..

  14. I just toppled down my chair holding my stomach in pain Laughlin at your deviation.

    O yes! You won’t believe this we also called our prince as the Princi! And it’s amazing to read that word over and over again.

    Boy…You got a great Buoy with the Deviation!
    Simply loved it!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  15. Tomz says:

    I was thinking about writing a beautiful comment to this post (and the first part as well) while reading the whole, as your writing style has attracted me very much. But the last sentence of the post simply prompts me to write one word as the comment to this post, which i wrote in CAPS..great one…I thought i was in a dream world..

  16. ARJuna says:

    I must say it was an honour to recieve a mail asking me to showcase my best posts on the Wall of Fame.

    I know I’m being rude by replying so late but believe me I could not help it, college and commuting keeps me busy and approaching exams don’t make the matter any easier!!!

    Thank you for giving this opportunity, and I will surely send you links to the best posts on my blog (according to me) in the coming week.

    Meanwhile you are free to look around and select any posts which you feel deserves a place on your Wall Of Fame.

  17. Mustaf says:

    I must say lucky you are and I am jealous 🙂

    Awesome writing, too good buddy, thanks for visiting my blog so that I could come here 🙂

  18. Hey Rahul, read your post the day you had written.. but commenting late.. good one.. but is it 100% non-fiction? or any fiction involved? Tell us what happened next? Did Ravi give you any death threats? 😛 maybe a third part to this 😀 you narrated it very nicely..

  19. I commented last but my comment shows up as the first comment.. yooo.. is there some priority element to it? the comment from the VIP takes precedence over others’ 😉

  20. kanagu says:

    Hey, thanks for coming to my blog friend… 🙂 will read the both parts of your story and comment tomo 🙂

  21. karthik24 says:

    Yo! Was this fact or fiction? Hope it is fact.. 🙂
    Wonderful read, by the way. The smile lingered on my face through out. 🙂

    And is there any option to follow this blog? ‘coz i dint find any..

  22. oRange* says:

    oh thats so very cute!
    feels damn nice to read such ‘happy’ stories 🙂

  23. Karthik says:

    Guess it works now.. Thanks!

  24. VeNkY says:

    RSV my frnd this is the best i have seen from till date. I say your best is yet to come. Absolutely freaking awesome man. The narration style was a breath of freshair. This story couldn’t have been handled any better than you are or anyone for that matter. Another rare happening is this much praise coming from my mouth, you deserve every bit of it.

    I nominate this story of yours for Hall of Fame. You better add this or else I will ……….. 😉

  25. captivating stuff….held the reader until the end!
    but why the change from blogger to wordpress?

  26. Param says:

    I liked it man….pretty much like my style of writing but even better…….

  27. Anshul says:

    Amazing man!!!!!!!!
    I’m lost for words.I guess it should suffice.

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  29. good one.. liked it…

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  31. I liked the second part most, for two reasons ..
    1. The way it ended.
    2. The way it did not end … congrats for being the part of blesseth group. Not everyone(or most of them) gets this gift.

  32. Anik Ghosh says:

    Wonderful story. Loved it. More so because exactly 364 days ago I had received a similar message at 12’o clock. 🙂

  33. Anshul says:

    really nice story…..
    i luved dis………:)

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