How much does a parent has over his children?

read this controversial article at IMPULSE :

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20 Responses to How much does a parent has over his children?

  1. Baby says:

    Parents always try to give their children all the best of their lives. Love them!

  2. Love your children more and more every time

  3. Thank for sharing useful article. And now, for more bad news: The main reason that the gender wage gap has narrowed throughout the last decade is that for most men’s wages have stagnated or declined.

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  5. Ok… we must care to our children

  6. Detik Hellen says:

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  8. the best option is to go with the former.

  9. Kekuatan yang anda tulis sangat sejalan pada proses di lapangan , itu meningkatkan pemahaman pembaca yang butuh solusi dari anda

  10. Terima kasih banyak ya atas sharenya

  11. Sangat mantap penjelasan yang diberikan ya

  12. Kolam terpal says:

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  15. take me out says:

    That’s an inovation news

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