HRC- chapter 9

I woke up late since I had slept early. The day before had been dramatic. Quite dramatic. Today it was to be NS and PD and NK. But I did not want to attend their lectures. Lethargy. My body was imploring me to stay back…to take some rest. I sat on the commode and pondered over the situation. There were to be three periods. Important. But I was feeling low. Low in the sense of being fatigued. No. Not fatigue. It was kind of a feeling in which you just wish to lie down, undisturbed and think about nothing. But there was the “neem ka ped”. Calling me toward it. There were playful jokes and innocent smiles. There was LP. There was canteen. And there were my friends. Yes…my friends…I wanted to meet them. I wanted to talk to them. I wanted to be the target of their laughter and their sympathies. Lethargy was too small a reason in front of them. I decided to go.

I started brushing my teeth. It is strange how some strangers meet and just after some days, they become so intimate, so enclosed in that wonderful cage called friendship, that they start finding it difficult to live without them. It is strange yes, but is, in fact, the most obvious thing in the world. These are some of the days in which I feel so relieved, so secured within…so much at rest; I want to freeze these moments and preserve them for eternity. I am happy because I feel free. I am happy because I am bound by the whims and fancies of my friends. I am happy, since there are people who are bound to me too…to my fancies. I start taking bath. The shower overhead loses control and bombards me with endless droplets of water. The patter on my face and on my shoulders. They fall on my back. They travel over my bodice…through various crevices. They make me even more excited….even more assured that I should attend today’s class.

I started putting on my clothes. I open up my laptop. I look at my blog, and I smile. I know, three years later…when I pass out of Hansraj college, I will look back into it. And all the memories, happy as well as sad, would come sprinting towards me. I know I would smile then, as I am smiling now…thinking about my childish behavior from a much matured outlook. I know I would have grown older by then. I would be more serious and less innocent. I know I would ‘grow up’. But tell me honestly. Who actually wants to grow up when the childhood is so beautiful? I ask anyone who is reading these lines. And I ask myself. For I know I will read this post once again, when I grow up….I don’t want to grow up…

I started eating my breakfast. One morsel. Two, three…but then? Nature’s call. I sat over the commode. Liquid!! I knew I couldn’t go.

I missed you all, my friends….

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2 Responses to HRC- chapter 9

  1. pra nav says:

    we missed u too dude…….

  2. adityan nair says:

    ah well….
    to ‘grow old’ is mandatory..
    ‘growing up’ isnt

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