The Marriage Dream…part 2

Replay: In the last episode yours truly got married to a beautiful girl after being proposed by his parents. His marriage also successfully got through without any interference from his ex-girlfriend(s). And now he is sitting on his bed with his bride with a glass of milk and a ghoonghat, curtaining her face.

Note: If you are not satisfied with the highlights and wish to see the whole of action please have a look here.

….So, we were there, the newlywed couple. In that ostentatiously decorated room; ready to…you know….

Caution: The following piece of article may offend girls or boys, alike if they don’t really enjoy things at work. If you have understood what I mean to say, then it’s your choice to proceed further. And if you haven’t: Dude/Lady, You really need to understand some things…

See, there are two different ways to show your love to your to-be-spouse. And before every arranged marriage the main duty of best girls/best boys is to make the to-be-marrieds understand these two kinds of ways. In my case, as you must have already guessed, there was no one who could explain such things better than me. So I had to do things on my own. And I, like any other self-made genius, planned them all…: there would be a lion and there would be a lioness, there would be action and there would be force, there would be me and there, would be she…the plan was perfect…like any of my other plans…

When I was a kid, I planned a prank on my teacher so that my classmates could have a hearty laugh. The prank worked well and teacher did get into my net, but sadly, the other students weren’t there at that time. And I, of all the ‘funny’ students of her class, was there (and so, a clear target!!). Therefore she made me sit for an hour with my hands passing through my legs and touching my ears. But this is not the point. After they got back, all the students had a really hearty laugh. See, my motive solved….

When I was in my teens, I thought, having a girlfriend would be a good idea. So, I went to the most beautiful girl of my school and told her that I loved her very much. Strangely, she did not answer and went away without uttering a single word. I knew my love was true and she would definitely come back. So I waited there and decided to wait more until she confessed her love for me, which I was sure was there. But just after a few minutes, her brother (I never knew her brother was in the same school, I would have talked to him directly then) came and gave me some kajal around my left eye as a shagun

I know you are getting bored now, with all this boring Bollywood stuff. But what can you expect? I mean I am the hero of my life. And we are talking about me!! It can never be less dramatic than that??

So, I was there…with my wife…on my bed…ready to pounce on her like a kangaroo. And there were flowers in the flower vase. Not those plastic flowers who don’t smell, they were real flowers, with their characteristic aroma. A unique fragrance given to each unique flower to attract a unique beetle. And there were beetles too. Waiting, for the world to go slow, so that…they can show flowers how much they love them. And as the night went by…the beetles zoomed around the flowers…sucking them….tasting, their juices…satisfying them…and the flowers….

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4 Responses to The Marriage Dream…part 2

  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Shilpa says:

    I want to comment something but I won’t.
    😀 😀


  3. Kanagu says:

    Quite nice RSV… 🙂

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